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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Move Like EP

Prior to their Move Like EP, which Mad Decent picked up for release on June 26th, Bad Royale finally made the announcement of their identities. Maor Levi, Kevin Wilde, Bruce Karlsson (Norin & Rad) and Elias Ghosn are the four dorks that make up the squad who have been tearing it up with a recent string of releases on Buygore. Now, they’re here with the formerly mentioned Move Like EP.

Five tracks total contribute to the EP, which pushes the jungle and trap sounds harder than any other four brothers could. All but one song is a collaboration, with Richie Loop hopping on two, as well as Dominique Young Unique, Bunji Garlin and Marq Pierre joining the madness. As far as fire mixtapes go, this EP is an absolute inferno, with this ninja’s personal favorite track being “POP.” If you’re looking to turn up, look no further as Bad Royale knows exactly how to take a party to the next level. To make things even more epic, Move Like has been released for free!

’Bad Royale – Move Like (feat. Richie Loop)’
’Bad Royale – POP (feat. Dominique Young Unique )’
’Bad Royale – Alarm (feat. Bunji Garlin & Marq Pierre)’
’Bad Royale – One Puff’
’Bad Royale – Superman (feat. Richie Loop)’
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