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[Mashup] Seven Lions – Rush Over Me vs Shatterpoint

It’s been a long time since a super solid mashup has come through, but now Seven Lions has brought something you need. Not only do you need to listen, but you need to download, as this song has been released for free.

“Rush Over Me” with Illenium, Said The Sky and HALIENE got put together with Trivecta’s single “Shatterpoint” for a truly magnificent mashup. It feels as though these tracks were meant to be together, they just fit so well in this fashion. You’ll surely be hearing this one get played out by more than just Seven Lions since 1. It’s tremendous and 2. It’s freely available. DJs of all sorts will be all over this and so will your friends. Grab it before they do.

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[Chill] Tinashe – 2 On X Rare Earth (Flight Mix)

2 On X Rare Earth (Flight Mix)

Call it a remix, call it a mashup; we call it a smash hit. Dubbel Dutch is the Platform 9¾ of the Internet: You have to know exactly where to look to find what you really want. While other bloggers are running full speed into a wall, allow us to bring you one of the best kept secrets of the electronic music scene. Just when you thought you had enough “2 On” remixes, you are dead wrong. Dubbel Dutch released the “Rare Earth” instrumental about a year ago and it did well on its own; however there’s no denying it takes on a whole new sound when matched with the star power of Tinashe. The Brooklynite recently released a handful in this Hyperwine remix series; however this might be the best as it takes on so many different sounds in one, I can’t even think of a proper genre for this. If you like your Top 40 with a bit of flair, this is your song.

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Drake & Beyonce
We All Love Beyonce (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

After the drop of Drake‘s infectious tune “Girls Love Beyonce”, DJ JAYBeatz took the time out to put his remix expertise on the new track. … Continue reading »

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[Mashup] Channel 42 (Koyote Bootleg)

Koyote ᴮᴼᴼᵀᴸᴱᴳˢ
Channel 42 (Koyote Bootleg) Wolfgang Gartner//Deadmau5//Lefty//DVBBS//J.Cavalli//Nom De Strip

Masterful mashup magician Koyote is at it again with another delightful track that’s sure to get the dance floor up on their feet and moving. If you’ve been reading our blog for the past year, you know by now that we’re a fan of his work. His fun inducing tracks grace the wall of Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist on the regular and as of late, his tracks are getting recognition from some of EDM’s heaviest hitters. Candyland, TJR, Deorro, FTampa, Donald Glaude, 3LAU, Tommie Sunshine and numerous others consistently throw shout outs to Koyote and with good reason.

Today he released this tasty tune for free on his soundcloud. Check out the tracks that he weaved together, then head over and snag a copy for yourself.

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 (Original Mix)
Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 (Nom De Strip Remix)
Lefty & J.Cavalli – Supernova (Original Mix)
DVBBS – We Are Electric (Original Mix) ACAPELLA

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[Mash-Up] Tyler,the Recreator – The Ride Remix (Andre 3000 x The Weeknd)

While everyone who has ever listened to an Outkast record eagerly anticipates some new material from 3 Stacks and Big Boi, we are forced to scrounge through music blogs for anything with a “ft. Andre 3000” appended. In my search, I was able to dig this treasure up. A mashup of The Weeknd assisted track The Ride, off of Drake’s Take Care, and Andre’s legendary verse from International Player’s Anthem. This works seamlessly and makes quite the compelling case for an authentic collaboration between these two enormous talents. Craftily mixed by an artist with a suspiciously similar name to the OF lead man, this mashup should certainly help hold music fans over until we get some more new music from the ATLien. No need to thank me because as Dre would say, “you know I got your back like chiroprac.”

’The Ride Remix (Andre 3000 x The Weeknd).mp3′
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[House/Mashup] Steve Angello, AN21 and Max Vangeli, James Egbert, Zedd, Rihanna- H8 (3LAU Bootleg)

In anticipation of his very soon to be released Dance Floor Filth 2, Vegas based producer 3LAU has released yet another seamless bootleg, simply titled “H8.” Out of all the mashups and bootlegs I hear nowadays, 3LAU consistently makes the most solid ones out there. His production quality is unparalleled in EDM mashups, and “H8” is a perfect example of that. Taking Rihanna’s vocals from the popular “Where Have You Been” and mixing them into “H8RS,” “Legion,” and “Slam The Door” makes for the perfect dancefloor banger, just as 3LAU intended for it to be.


“H8” and Dance Floor Filth 2 are released today (!!!), and are available for download through his official Facebook page.

’H8 (3LAU Bootleg)’
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Quickies: Fresh New Remix: Wale – New Soul Feat. Yael Naim

Just like I loved bearbot’s Stuntin’ Like My Only Swerving where hip/hop meets a very soothing melody in the background, Wale does it again with his new song featuring Yael Naim’s “New Soul”

Wale – New Soul Feat. Yael Naim

’Wale – New Soul Feat. Yael Naim’

Original Song:
Yael Naim – New Soul – <3 hypem

New Soul

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