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mAsis – Choices/Burdens [TMN Premiere]


After supporting several records from the mAsis trio, we’re happy to premiere their latest single! Their original “Choices/Burdens” can be heard here in the dojo first. We couldn’t pass up sharing such a beautiful track with you as the seasons begin to change.

From the start we’re hit with a strong vocal that spearheads the song. We then move slowly into the beat, with soft tones entering the picture. Things build into a cerebral scene that you can’t help but to immerse yourself in fully. It’s a touching record that shows off the trio’s tasteful sound. Stream the track today and make sure to get a copy from digital stores.

‚ÄúPercussions > Repercussion‚ÄĚ
– mAsis

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[Electronic] mAsis – Always You

Always You

It’s been a bit since we last heard a track from mAsis, but they weren’t going to let fans starve for long. “Always You” is now here to satisfy your aural palate. This self-released single is just what we’ve been waiting for.

Blending sounds together is something that is innate to mAsis. They’ve done it before and will do it again. With “Always You” we get a soothing single that doesn’t fit into a single mold. An electronic production sets the stage for a unique vocal performance that will have you engaging the replay button. Tune the world out and experience this one to the fullest.

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[Electronic] mAsis – Flesh


The Glendale trio mAsis returns with another smash single. “Flesh” just dropped last week with a soulful sound that is sure to seduce. The subtle songs created by these two are extremely powerful, packed to the brim with raw emotion. You can’t escape mAsis.

You can’t escape “Flesh” either. The peaceful, airy tune is one that we have found ourselves coming back to again and again since it’s independent release. There’s something special about a good trio, which this has; however, together these three did more than just play off each other’s sounds well. It’s not something that can really be put into words, it’s something you simply must listen to in order to understand. mAsis have what it takes to be one of the year’s hottest acts.

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mAsis – Skin [TMN Premiere]


Glendale California’s mAsis enters the dojo with a brand new single that you get a first listen to. This Music Ninja Premiere is for “Skin,” a soft, seductive song that the trio is ending the year with. With such a strong record, the trio closes out the year in a big way and sets themselves up for a nice segue into the new year.

mAsis has already received acclaim from such outlets as BBC Radio 1 and Nylon – just to name a couple – but it is safe to say they’re going to be adding a ton of others with “Skin.” Sonically, the single is in between several genres; it is marked as simply under the branch of electronic, however it takes influence from a number of styles. Instead of picking those apart, we’re going to focus in on the incredible vocal performances you’ll come across. Although the instrumental is amazingly dreamy to the point of intoxicating, the vocals are what really make “Skin” what it is.

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