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[Multi-Genre] LEViT∆TE. – Mecca 004

The final phase of Mecca is here. LEViT∆TE. has pushed out three sets of songs taken from his album with the fourth and final being brought last week. Today, we deliver the installment to you.

If you have been following this release schedule, you already know these tracks are available for free. The whole album is free. It’s not something you want to sleep on either. Haven’t checked out the rest of the album? Make sure you do. For now, we’ll focus in on the four songs that close out the project. The first is the collaboration with Ian Delile and Taane Jr on “Let Me Go,” an emotionally charged song that is one of the most unique on the album. “Air Raid” comes next and continues the more laid-back style, which is furthered by the title track; one of the best on the album. Lastly, we come to “Finale” which starts with some potent piano chords, then develops into something entirely unexpected. This one is another favorite of ours. As we said, check out the whole project, follow LEViT∆TE., and download everything; all thirteen. You need them.

’LEViT∆TE – Let Me Go (feat Ian Delile, Taane Jr)’
’LEViT∆TE – Air Raid’
’LEViT∆TE – Mecca’
’LEViT∆TE – Finale’
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[Trap] LEViT∆TE. – Mecca 003

We warned you. LEViT∆TE. is continuing the rampage that is the revelation of his Mecca album. Last week we witnessed the midway point of the unveiling, and now we’re on the third batch of tunes.

With this week’s threesome of records we get a single, then a two-part project of the song “Clique Mode.” Before the one-two punch, we hear “In The Woods,” a exceptionally dynamic record that shares a story within itself, taking the listener through various stages of soundscapes and emotions. With the first part of “Clique Mode,” an equally as expressive single as the one prior, and maybe even moreso. LEViT∆TE.’s songwriting abilities are out of this world; few bass producers compare. The second part of “Clique Mode” augments the first in every way. These two tracks together may be the strongest trap A-B sides of 2016. Collaborators in this part of the Mecca album include RA Scion, TezaTalks and Spac3man. As with the other songs, each is currently available for free.

’LEViT∆TE – In The Woods (feat RA Scion)’
’LEViT∆TE – Clique Mode pt. 1 (feat. TezaTalks, Spac3man)’
’LEViT∆TE – Clique Mode pt 2’
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[Trap] LEViT∆TE. – Mecca 002

LEViT∆TE. is back at it with the second episode of his album unveiling. Mecca is due out in full on November 7th, but during the weeks prior we get our hands on a few new singles. Last week episode one came out, so if you missed that, be sure to check it after you run through the current episode below.

The next batch of three tracks may even be more impressive than the first, which is hard to top. LEViT∆TE. doesn’t hold back any time he gets into the studio. Not only is he a unique creator, but his technical abilities when it comes to producing are just insane. How he manages to get things sounding so nasty, yet so clean is far beyond me. Just take the first track “RED” as an example. Every sound feels so saturated, giving it that exciting edge that is almost exclusive to his music, yet it’s not abrasive in the slightest for this type of music.

With “Run” you get that same edge, but it is applied to a more twerk-friendly composition. Lastly, we have “Act 2” featuring Zuse. This two part trap heater is more than a single, it’s a journey within itself. As it was with episode one, all tracks from this group are currently available for free through the individual players.

’LEViT∆TE – Run’
’LEViT∆TE – Act 2 (feat. Zuse)’
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[Trap] LEVi​T∆TE. – Mecca 001

Over the course of the next few weeks, LEVi​T∆TE. will be teasing fans with episodes of his full length album Mecca. You might be wondering what exactly an episode is, but basically the Seattle producer will be dropping three tracks together each week for four weeks.

This week’s batch is the first. In kicking off the launch of Mecca, LEVi​T∆TE. starts out with “Check It,” a dark plunge into what the rest of the album will bring. “Jungle” comes next with a sound that I have yet to hear before; at least, not at this level of quality. The third single in this episode of Mecca is “Terrible Things” feature Macntaj. The hybrid trap single is more what fans of LEVi​T∆TE. have been used to, but he still manages to take his signature a step further. Stream all three singles today, and grab the free downloads one at a time through the single players!

’LEViT∆TE – Check It’
’LEViT∆TE – Jungle’
’LEViT∆TE – Terrible Things (feat Macntaj)’
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