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Gladiator – Bonk ft. Metric Man [TMN Premiere]

Insomniac Records continues to build it’s impressive catalog by adding a project with the duo Gladiator. Their EP is due out on Friday, but we like to give you sneak previews in the dojo when we can. This is why today you are getting a first listen to the single “Bonk” featuring Metric Man.

Get ready for something a bit different with “Bonk.” It’s OG feel, twisted together with subtle nuances taken from jungle, this single has a lot going on. It’s a medley of several sounds that have influenced the duo, brought together with their own signature flair. They’re aiming to bring this one to pop off at festivals, which is a goal we believe they are going to reach quite easily. “Bonk” will be available this Friday alongside another single, both of which will be purchasable at that time. Check out the single below as well as what Gladiator had to say about the tune.

Bonk was a dark, after hours type of record inspired by our love of classic house tunes. Once Metric came on board with his large, booming voice and call to the dance floor, it gave the tune a truly massive feel that made it perfect for the festival stage.
– Gladiator

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