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[House] Bixel Boys – Black December EP

’Bixel Boys – Black December’
’Bixel Boys – Red October’

L.A.’s Bixel Boys blaze their own path when it comes to dance music production, fusing the energy of big-room EDM with sleek, deep-house and indie dance execution. After a solid string of remixes within the last year, taking on the likes of Michael Jackson, Drake, Seal and Robin Thicke, along with a few solid originals; Ian and Rob have put the final touches on a debut EP, Black December, on Sweat It Out Music and it has certainly been stamped with our seal of approval. The extended play’s titular track “Black December” starts things off with a bang utilizing a shuffling rhythm paired with a couple of gigantic build-ups, all executed with a clear underground sensibility while the aptly named “Red October” has a much more tech feel with some industrial sounding synths and even more raucous drops. Black December will no doubt appeal to listeners from all ends of the electronic spectrum, signalling Bixel Boys’ place as a definite act to watch for  as Summer eschews itself out the door. Stream the Black December EP above.

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[Electro] Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (Nero Remix)

















Michael Jackson, the musical genius and legend, jumped back into the hearts and minds of his fans and followers on the 18th of September with the release of his Bad 25th Anniversary Edition album.  The album features a plethora of re-mastered hits from the original album along with quality remixes from more recent powerhouse artists. One of the more notable remixes included on this album is UK duo Nero’s massive remix of “Speed Demon”. Nero transform the original into a hard-hitting electro jam while expertly maintaining the original vibes and sensual undertones that only MJ himself could produce. This is Nero at their finest. Sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy!

’Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (Nero Remix)’
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[Electro Rock] Teddybears – No More Michael Jackson

Swedish electro rock nerds Teddybears recently released a new track to kick off a short US tour. Teddybears’ bread and butter has always been ridiculous (and at times entirely non-sensical) electronic feel-good rock, but this one may end up taking the cake. “No More Michael Jackson” is 4 minutes of uptempo drum and synth and completely devoid of Michael Jackson.

I’m sure it was meant to be as irreverent as it seems, considering Teddybears’ trademark style and penchant for tongue-in-cheek humor. And, well… the overall Swedishness of the whole thing. No more Michael Jackson, but lots more Teddybears.

No More Michael Jackson 

Guest post by Chase from Electric Panda Music

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[Video] Creative Cover to Michael Jackson Beat It

The always creative Jack Conte along with the amazing jazzy voice of Nataly Dawn do it again with a cover of Beat it by Micheal Jackson.

Beat It

’Beat It.mp3′

You can download other amazing covers at their myspace or in their mediafire


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