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[Future/Trap] Heartfelt – Midnight Run EP

The faceless producer dubbed Heartfelt has dished out a six track EP called Midnight Run. Cult Nation was the label that backed up this project made up of differing mixtures of future and trap. Some songs, like the first song “Stay Awake” is more trapstyle, and then you have other songs like “How Can I Say This” on the other side of the fence. All of the tracks were written and produced by Heartfelt, with the only collaboration being with the vocalist Freya on “Midnight.” With this EP being the only works uploaded onto Hearfelt’s Soundcloud, it’s highly likely there’s more to come in the near future from this intriguing act. For now, get yourself a free copy of Midnight Run by heading here.

’Heartfelt – Stay Awake’
’Heartfelt – Don’t Give Me’
’Heartfelt – Midnight Feat. Freya’
’Heartfelt – Never Together’
’Heartfelt – A Good Reason’
’Heartfelt – How Can I Say This’
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