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[Minimal House] Anenon – Once


A friend of the LA-based super label Friends of Friends, Anenon, has released a new track this week that’s got our ears perked. Anenon released two singles this week, one of them being “Once.” As the name would not suggest we found it incredibly difficult to listen to this song a single time.

It’s integrative and so satisfying to listen to. The first thing you hear when the track starts is some free jazz drumming—namely fluttering symbols. In fact we think the percussion is what really makes this track. The artistry in the speed and articulation of the pads and the live symbols (or at least live-sounding) blur the lines between drum sampling and live drumming. Pair that with the Leon Vynehall sounding synths that slide you to and fro and you’ve got a masterful electronic release.

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[Chill/Downtempo] KAASI – Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone

London based KAASI got us feeling all sultry a bit early this morning with his latest downtempo meets house tune “Lucy Stone”. All of those essential house elements are accounted for; a four-four kick, swelling pads, a bit of a shuffle and even an infectious classic piano line at its core. But, the way KAASI disperses these elements through his minimal brand of downtempo dance is a thing of beauty, as his sonic temperament drizzles its way through completely, leaving behind just a lovely piece of electronic music in “Lucy Stone”. Trust us when we say not to miss this one, and if listening here on TMN isn’t your cup of tea (which would be weird)  grab the free download of “Lucy Stone” here along with some more offerings from KAASI’s eclectic catalog.

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REPLETE – Frequency Palenque [TMN Premiere]

Frequency Palenque

Irish house producer REPLETE purveys an incredibly mature feel for deep groovers, and his latest single “Frequency Palenque” falls in line with that established, almost minimal-deep-house pattern. Coming as a fortuitous welcome entry into the TMN Premiere vaults, “Frequency Palenque” kicks off behind a sinister flat four-four kick-drum sprinkled with a lightly ominous string pad before being taken hostage by a straight up addicting muted horn sample which pump even a hint of electro-swing onto the tune. After the simple yet sophisticated bassline is revealed and evolved our psyche was already smack dab in the middle of REPLETE’s loungey house stylings, proving how easy it was to be pulled along until its apex. REPLETE looks to polish up his already sterling set of production chops throughout the remainder of 2014 as “Frequency Palenque” will be available as a bonus track on REPLETE’s forthcoming EP due out on March 4th via Champion Sound Music, but until then we’ll be the only source to get your fix. Stream REPLETE’s “Frequency Palenque” above before anyone else.


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[TMN Premiere] The Hics – Lines (Rare Times Remix)

The Hics
Lines (Rare Times Remix)

L.A. duo Rare Times has been carving out a nice little niche in their city for the past few years with a charmingly executed brand of downtempo, synth-wave meets indie-pop, and their latest effort sees them hopefully stepping out into national consciousness on remix duty for The Hics’ single “Lines”. Just as we had anticipated, Rare Times’ production sensibility serves them well with a dancefloor centered approach translating much of their own shimmer onto the track without sacrificing their integral sound. A garagey, shuffling hi-hat pattern and smooth alto-sax loop provides most of the groove on their minimal remix of “Lines”, while a pitched down, haunting vocal sample manages to intertwine its way into the fold almost seamlessly, leaving just enough polish on the dance tune to force some hip-shaking, but absolutely nothing that has been overproduced. If you haven’t yet heard any of Rare Times’ previous music, please go ahead and dive into their catalog to get a feel for their diverse sound, especially their 2013 EP Mist. Stream Rare Times’ remix of The Hics’ “lines” above.

On a side note, if you happen to be in the L.A. area tomorrow, make sure to head to the Troubador to catch their show in support of Hercules and Love Affair.

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