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[Future/Trap] Said The Sky – Nostalgia (Ft. Missio)

Said The Sky
Nostalgia (Ft. Missio)

Said The Sky and Missio make quite the match. They came together for “Darling,” which is seriously one of the most beautiful songs that your ears can be exposed to, and now they’re back with “Nostalgia.” With this original, which was released as a free download, they bring a super soft soundscape that slowly builds the anticipation for one single “drop” that is a powerful explosion of heavenly energy. It blurs the line between future and trap, with smooth synths that will soothe your ears the exact moment they come through the speakers. As always, Said The Sky delivered a magnificent record. This year has been huge for him, but I think next year is going to be the year he really makes a break to the top of the music world.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2015 Round #3)


Have you ever……driven in your car form than 5 minutes in complete silence because you are so sick of your music collection you just cant figure out what to listen to? Yeah, we know, we’ve be there too. Until we started collecting these Indie Dojos. Guaranteed to fill the next 24 minutes or more with music you have or have not heard of yet. Not all ninjas are silent…

’Leisure – Got It Bad’
’Broken Back – Happiest Man On earth (Official)’
’Missio – I’ve Lost My Way’
’Burhou – Please Delete’
’H A U X – Our Fathers’
’Blosh – Keep Your Tongue’
’Men I Trust – A Prayer Ft. Odile’
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[Electronic] Said The Sky – Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

Said The Sky
Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

We know Said The Sky from his stellar productions, but did you know he’s also a pianist? Makes sense, given the extensive use of the instrument in his works. His last release was the original song “Darling” with Missio that has gotten new treatment as a thank you gift for fans. The immense love that was received by Said The Sky prompted him to make a VIP version of the track that could be played live by an ensemble. His acoustically driven electronic creation may be even more emotive than the original, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide. In extending the piano from the original into a full length track with accompanying elements, Said The Sky flexed his song writing abilities to us in a new way. Download the gift for free by heading here.

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[Future] Said The Sky – Darling feat. Missio

Said The Sky
Darling (Ft. Missio)

Trying to write up “Darling” was a little difficult. Why? Because it’s incredibly not hard to get lost in Said The Sky‘s new beauty and get your feels flowing. His newest original, featuring Missio, will put you in a trance with its sensual future sound. Seriously, this is one of the most magnificent things you are going to hear this year, guaranteed. Said The Sky is always able to deliver powerful music like no other, and in his relatively short career so far he has been able to woo listeners all over the world. There’s a reason we think this cat special, and “Darling” may just be the best evidence we have yet. Love it? You will, and you’ll end up downloading it for free.

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