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[Indie Dance] Monsieur Adi feat. RED – Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Monsieur Adi Ft. RED
Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Released by Robbins Entertainment, “Stay Up Late” is a fiery record. With a hint of old school flavor, “Stay Up Late” is the creation by Monsieur Adi and RED. Infectious and fun, this is the song you are going to be aching for when you’re out late in the night.

“Stay Up Late” has a lot going on in it. With influences from pop, disco and house, it’s an extremely seductive song whose catchy sound will quickly grab your attention without letting up. It’s not what we’re used to hearing, with many producers looking to break the mold and dive into the future, so it’s nice to hear something that has this classic flare meets new school energy. Monsieur Adi and RED work wondrously together, playing off each other incredibly well without hindrance. “Stay Up Late” is the song you need for your party playlists, so get a copy of it off iTunes and add it today.

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