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[Moombahton] Machete – The Doom EP

Halloween may be over, but that isn’t stopping us from sharing some music inspired by the holiday’s spooky vibes. Enter, Machete and The Doom EP. This may be a free release, but if it weren’t, we’d have thrown our money at the producer to get our hands on it.

Machete’s EP features three tracks that will take some listeners back near the golden age of blogs when moombah was gaining headway. The Doom abides by the midtempo grooves that got so many listeners to shy away from the usual 128/140 beats that were being pushed heavily. Each track on this EP has a little different style, but all of them bring the bass in homage to the harder side of moombah. Machete not only created three distinct party tunes, but managed to keep them within the scope of Halloween’s dark tone. Continue the haunt throughout the week and weekend with The Doom, and don’t forget to grab the download above.

’Machete – The Carnival’
’Machete – The Locust’
’Machete – The Marionette’
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[Moombahcore] Goja – The Ballad

The Ballad

Awwwww, moombahcore; it’s been a while since I’ve whipped that term out. Thanks to Goja and their single “The Ballad” it was possible. Released on WOLV Records, “The Ballad” is a bass booming midtempo record that features the vocalist Chantelle Paige.

Goja has quickly become a go-to act in the bass music scene. Their past few releases with WOLV Records have been absolutely killer, and they have even more dope tracks beyond that. With “The Ballad” we get a tantalizing original that first lures you in subtly, then drives some heavy low frequencies into your ears and body. The groovy rhythms in the bassline are not only strong, but they are catchy. With school just starting for many of you, “The Ballad” is what is going to be popping into your head when you are spacing out in class. Then once you’re done, you’ll be playing it in your spare time, especially if you are partying during leisure hours. Stream “The Ballad” today, and if you want a copy, several digital stores can oblige.

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[Moombahcore] Autoerotique – WTF (Bring The Noise Remix)

Summertime is the perfect time for some Moombahton. But sometimes as your splendid Summer shindig moves into the twilight and further into the star speckled night time, you want to turn up the ‘rage’ and really get your party-goer’s jumpin’! That is where this ‘Bring The Noise‘ remix of Autoerotique’s WTF comes in. Spicing up the original moomba beat with some added bass and glitch effects! Guaranteed floor filla!

’Autoerotique – WTF (Bring The Noise Remix)’
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