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EMME & Erotic Cafe Heat Up The Dojo With New Single “Fiyah” [TMN Interview]

EMME & Erotic Cafe'

Today we’re turning the dojo into a sauna thanks to some extra heat from EMME and Erotic Cafe. Their latest collaboration on the moombahton single “Fiyah” is setting the dance music world ablaze. Released on Rude Mood Records, this single is ushering the warm weather and festival season in style.

With the single comes both acts who joined us in the dojo for a quick Q&A to talk about their single, how Rude Mood got involved and what their favorite moombahton tracks are. Finally, you’ll get into what they’ve got set for the upcoming seasons. Get ready to dance and sweat, the “Fiyah” is here.

TMN: How did you guys end up coming together for “Fiyah”?

Em: It was a while after we put out “Bad Mind,” and we were kind of shocked at the impact that track had and how well it was received; so that inspired us to want to create a follow up.

Marco: Nothing much to add on what Emlyn already said, we just wanted to make a follow up to “Bad Mind” with more moombah vibes in it, and we made it.

TMN: From it’s start to finish, how did you guys dial in the track for the final product?

Em: The main theme, vibe and sounds behind this one were actually all Marco’s concept – he sent me this whacky idea with moombah beats and what I like to call retro-inspired lead sound. They almost gave me a throwback to Nintendo days. It all came about very quickly, more so than usual, with a few ideas being thrown back and forth until the final product was landed.

Marco: I wanted to make a moombah track using only chopped vocals in the drop so I started looking for good samples to use and, after I found some and processed them quite a lot, I couldn’t stop laughing because at the beginning it was sounding too much like a chicken’s cluck, so I really enjoyed working on it.

TMN: The good people over at Rude Mood signed this one, how did they end up getting on board?

These guys really are absolute legends, and I am so glad they created a space for music like this. I reached out and started talking to them over Twitter actually and ended up emailing a few demos over. They liked the vibe of “Fiyah” and with a few small changes, the rest is history!

TMN: Where do you guys think Moombahton is at right now and where is it headed?

Em: I think it’s in a really good place right now, especially in the US. With high profile guys like Diplo and Dillon pushing similar sounds it definitely has the potential to keep growing. In Australia it’s a very different story and I’m really trying to push the sound here more because I think it has a lot of potential. With such massive use of African, Caribbean and Latin inspired rhythms and sounds in so many popular songs, moombahton has a bright future.

Marco: I think Moombahton in general is quite underestimated right now, maybe because most of the artists still need to understand the power of the classic moombah drum pattern, maybe because it still needs to grow as a genre, maybe because most of the tracks out there are very similar each other; when music producers will start making moombah implementing elements from other kind of bass music (for example, dubstep or uk basses, why not?) this genre will go into an upper level. I think the key is mixing what we already have to create something new.
That’s not the case of “Fiyah,” this time we wanted to make a classic Moombahton song.

TMN: Each of you give us your Top 5 Moombah songs…

Em: 1. J Balvin & Willy William – Mi Gente (Dillon Francis remix)
2. Major Lazer – Particula (ft. DJ Maphorisa, Nasty C, Ice Prince, Patoranking & Jidenna)
3. Bad Royale & Party Favor – BURY (ft. Richie Loop)
4. Party Favor & Dillon Francis – Shut It Down
5. Dillon Francis & Fuego – We The Funk
Bonus: Rickyxsan – This Feeling (ft. Kalibwoy)

Herobust – Vertebreaker (Matias Flip)
JSTJR – Fried
Henry Fong & Bad Royale – Rock Ya Hips
Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (Major Lazer Remix)
Metaljackets & Cannibal – Gata

TMN: Lastly, what else can we expect from each of you, together or individually, this Summer and Fall?

It’s winter over here! But it’s turning into a big one for me. I’ve just received some insanely exciting news that for my debut shows i’m on the Who Said lineup, with UZ and LUUDE. And I’ve also just signed with Jump Touring for my first run of shows around Australia. So i’m excited to take these tunes and show them to the rest of Australia live! – EM

Right now I’m working hard in my studio on a lot of new music and I’ve also many releases ready to come out, from heavy dubstep to future bass, I love bass music in general and I like to make it, in every shade. If you like Fiyah you’ll be happy because some of them are following this style, instead if you are a basshead stay ready for my harder riddim and hybrid stuff. – Marco

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[Moombahton] Munchi – Guess Who’s Back

Guess Who's Back

MUNCHI IS BACK. That’s all that really needs to be said, as Munchi is one of those legendary figures that literally everyone should know. It’s been way too long since his last release, but great things come in due time and the time for Munchi is now. His single “Guess Who’s Back” has him bringing his classic moombahton sound back to the table.

“Guess Who’s Back” has been released on Selegna Records. Whether you believe it or not, this song was actually made five years ago, but the timing of its release couldn’t be more appropriate. No matter where the moombahton scene is at – which is debated – the return of Munchi is a great sign. With this new single, hopefully it brings some other great moombah tracks out of the woodwork. If there was only one song you could buy in all of 2017, “Guess Who’s Back” would need to be it. Do so today through Bandcamp.

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[Moombahton] Nadastrom and Gent & Jawns – Snake Juice

Although starting out as just slowed-down house music with a dembow riddim and mid-tempo, moombahton has quickly become a global phenomenon on the EDM circuit. Drawing influences from reggaeton, trance, trap, dubstep, and many more, this genre has transcended and created a new sound for music lovers to vibe to. In just three years, creators Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom have worked with some great acts to make this movement happen. On their latest single “Snake Juice”, the duo pairs with VA DJ’s Gent and Jawns to create an infectious dance banger. Off their upcoming T&A records compilation Moombahton Forever, set to drop January 17th, this eclectic tune is filled with many sounds and rhythms that makes it work as both a chill tune or dance floor motivator.

’Nadastrom and Gent & Jawns – Snake Juice (OUT JANUARY 17TH – MOOMBAHTON FOREVER COMP)’
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[Moombahton] La’Reda – Boombox ft. Ava Ali (Original Mix)

Summertime Bikini Dropper indeed! That is the only description under this Moombah banger’s Soundcloud page, and I agree that is all that is necessary. For those that are new to La’Reda, this duo, comprised of Brion Topolski & Nathan Barbour, are two electro house producers that are on a ridiculous spree of summer bangers. La’Reda has a good mix of electro sounds and underlying grooves that is the Latin-inspired moombah tone. Plus Ava Ali‘s vocals are a great subtle addition reminiscent of Yo-Landi Vi$$er vocals in Die Antwoord. Included below is another stellar track from La’Reda this summer, “Synthasorus Rex,” which, as you might’ve guessed, is heavy on the synth, blending smoothly as it moves from a fast pace progressive intro into a moombah drum style beat.

’LaReda – BoomBox Ft. Ava Ali (Original Mix)’
’LaReda – Synthasorus Rex’
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[Moombahton] Steve Aoki – Control Freak ft. Kay and Blaqstarr (Dillon Francis Remix)

Zany Los Angeles based producer Dillon Francis has graced us with another moombahtastic remix. “Control Freak,” a track that originally felt like a Justice track without the added distortion, has successfully been transformed into a moombahton track that still retains an Ed Bangeresque vibe…while being incredibly filthy. The syncopated rhythm, obscenely grimy bass, and beatific bridge help this track transcend the moombahton genre. What Dillon Francis is doing right now in Moombah is so uniquely him, that I think we might need to create a new genre that’s just his own.

Keep doing what you’re doing Dillon, this remix goes hard.

This track was released 06/26 on Ultra Records and can be purchased here.

’Steve Aoki – Control Freak feat. Blaqstarr & Kay (Dillon Francis Remix)’
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