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[Hip-Hop] Renz Young – More Pressure

Renz Young
More Pressure

If you’re looking for a solid hip-hop jam to take with you into the weekend, then you’ve got what you’re looking for here. Renz Young dropped his single “More Pressure” through Litt Music and it’s just about as hot as it gets. Rap in its true form, this single is just what the genre needs to show some of these cats what’s up.

Renz Young keeps it flaming hot with some lyrics that might burn your speakers up if you’re not too careful. The beat is absolutely ill as well, laying the base for Renz to come in and do his thing. It’s one of those tracks that you will put on repeat and listen intently so you can nail down each syllable of the lyrics. Then you’ll be firing off the lyrics yourself alongside Renz. “More Pressure” is the only pressure you need.

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