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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2014 Round #2)


Mother Nature is all about the weather extremes this week. Whether she is dumping snow in the middle of November or allowing you to get away with wearing Ugg boots and scarves in 70 degree weather, she’s all over the place. No matter the conditions though, sleet or snow, rain or shine, the Indie Dojo will be right here, every Tuesday morning (or any other day of the week you happen to land on us) just waiting to warm you up or cool you down. Unless your electricity happens to go out or something…..then you’re on your own, buddies. We’ll just promise to be here when you get back.

’WULF – Fire’
’Twin Hidden – Join Hands’
’Movie. – Tusk Vegas’
’HUGH – I Can’t Figure You Out’
’The Districts – Lyla’
’Alex Highton – You Dont Own This Life’
’Leon Bridges – Coming Home’
’Public School – Don’t Wake Me Up’


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[Fresh Remix] Soldier (Wizestar Remix)


I saw Tarantino’s EPIC new movie Inglorious Bastards and I recommend it to EVERYONE! It is so nice to see Tarantino’s classic suspension driven dialog style done to perfection. No bullshit, its a great movie! With that said here is a reggae/techno/electronic remix with particularly calming acoustic breaks in between.

Dj Vadim feat Big Red & 5nizza – Soldier (Wizestar Remix)

’SOLDIER Wizestar Remix.mp3′
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