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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 254)

An applause is needed for Friday. Instead of clapping, let’s celebrate with some good ol’ free downloads, shall we? This week we have another batch of twelve records for you to enjoy as you let loose over the weekend. Usually, we have a mix of everything, but it just happens that we did away with any house tracks and are going hard with mostly cut time records. That doesn’t mean we only have trap/dubstep for you, as there are a handful of tunes including Dusty Bits breakbeat masterpiece that shake things up. Other artists you will find here include Two Friends, Ray Volpe, We’re Not Friends, Willy Joy, Party Thieves and more. Stream all twelve, download all twelve and enjoy the 2.5 days that make up your weekend (Friday counts as half, but make it count as a whole by going as hard as humanly possible).

’KYLE ft. Lil Yachty – iSpy (Two Friends Remix)’
’Alexandre – Wit It (Original Mix)’
’Ray Volpe – Spirit Squad (with Krys Talk)’
’Mr. Skeleton & Severet – Get You’
’Gladez – Pull Up’
’We’re Not Friends – Spell Book’
’heRobust & MONXX – Giant Squiddim (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Willy Joy – CAN U BOUNCE’
’Wells & Party Thieves – Realm’
’Growlz & Holly – Planet X’
’Big N Slim –

’Warez – Fuck That’
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[Electronic] Mr. Skeleton & Severet – FRIDAY NIGHT

Mr. Skeleton & Severet

A new era has begun for the Los Angeles producer Mr. Skeleton. With a whole new image, Mr. Skeleton is looking to take over dance music by force. To start the new chapter of his life he released the single “FRIDAY NIGHT” on Cult222 with Severet.

“FRIDAY NIGHT” is a beast of a record. Dirty electro basses plague the composition that has some classic influences from older sounds of European dance music. The only thing is, these two acts put a totally different, more edgy, spin on the sound. In adding some much desired grit and grime, they put together a song that is going to get both newly found bassheads and older ravers together under one banner. As if things couldn’t get any doper, there’s some DnB action somewhere… We didn’t want to ruin the surprise completely, so you’ll have to listen through and enjoy it for yourself. Lastly, “FRIDAY NIGHT” is available on iTunes.

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