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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 297)

We’re still tired from EDC, but that didn’t stop us from collecting another batch of free downloads for you to enjoy over the weekend. This week’s party playlist is filled with a dozen records from the likes of Virtu, WILDLYF, Pixel Terror, Kastra and so many more. We start off with some chill tracks to get you warmed up, then move on to some fiery heaters. Party all night long this Friday and for all you Americans out there, enjoy the holiday weekend!

’Sean Turk – Villains’
’Virtu – Everything’
’WILDLYF – Wrong (feat. Vic August)’
’Zedd, Maren Morris, & Grey – The Middle (Pixel Terror Remix)’
’TWO OWLS x ATLAST – Bring The House Down’
’Jameston Thieves & DIV/IDE – Love Hangover’
’k?d – Zero One (ATLAST REMIX)’
’The Dirt Boys – Shredder’
’The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Midnight Kids Remix)’
’This Is America (Kastra Remix)’
’WE ARE FURY – Killing Me Slow’
’Jordan Comolli & Mursa – ERROR’
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[Hybrid Trap] CRWTH & Mursa – Jaw Lock (ft.Dyvon)

CRWTH & Mursa
Jaw Lock (ft.Dyvon)

Let’s take a dive deep down into some dirty trap-ridden beats shall we? Thankfully CRWTH and Mursa dropped the hybrid bass original “Jaw Lock” alongside Dyvon recently. This dark and devilish record doesn’t pull any punches, so prepare yourself.

“Jaw Lock” implores an ominous hip-hop introduction complete with a lyrical performance that endures with its haunting sound. From there we’re lead into and hit with ferocious bass samples and a barrage of other sounds that are all mashed together to chaotic perfection. You may not expect it from a “trap” record, but the moody tone that these creatives construct is right on the money. It’s a emotionally engaging record, even if it does conjure up the more fiendish side of you! Best part about it too – it’s a free download.

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