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[Trap] Nadus – Nxwxrk (SKULS RIP)

Nxwxrk (SKULS RIP)

The Bay Area is home to a ton of good music. SKULS pulls their weight on that front, and the duo have just brought us another piece of gold to add to their treasure chest. Their signature RIPs are always on point, with this piece being no different. “Nxwxrk” by Nadus gets trapped out with a futuristic tinge. SKULS have a distinct style that they’ve continued to shape over the past several months since they’ve began their journey, with this song proving their progress over time. Their superb synth and string work are what stick out to us, however all of the tiny details come together for one product that packs a massive punch. It’s not overly energetic, but it has a dope groove to it, and it’s certainly dope music. Enjoy it, and grab a free copy for yourself.

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