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[Deep House] SNBRN – Gangsta Walk feat. Nate Dogg

Gangsta Walk feat. Nate Dogg

I don’t think the late great Nate Dogg ever imagined one of his unreleased acapellas would be used for a house record, especially of the sort that SNBRN cooks up. “Gangsta Walk” is the result of SNBRN getting his hands on a special vocal that producers around the world would probably give their right arm for. Although this original is of the deep house style, SNBRN keeps things extremely upbeat and lively which we’ve come to observe in many of his “sunset house” tracks. With SNBRN adding natural elements to his track, including the horns and the unforgettable piano, this track’s dynamic capacity is like few other dance records out right now from up and coming prodigies. “Gangsta Walk” was released by Ultra Records a few days ago, and since it’s already amassed tons of love from hip-hop heads and ravers alike. Grab it on iTunes now!

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[Chill] Nate Dogg – Gangsta Walk (Prince Club 6am Bake Mix)

Gangsta Walk
Nate Dogg (Prince Club 6am Bake Mix)

How does a child of the 90’s even begin to describe Nate Dogg‘s legacy? Voice of a generation, national treasure, crooner, OG, regulator–these are just a few of many words used to describe Nate and the contributions he and his silky voice gave to hip-hop and the music community as a whole. He is sorely missed every day, however his name will never be forgotten as long as lads like Prince Club continue to create art. The Montreal duo have been hard at work over the years trying to reinvent the idea of club music, and I must say they are not far off. I brought you guys to 4 AM just a few days ago, so now let’s move the clock forward a couple hours. On their “6 AM Bake Mix”, Prince Club revamps the late Nate’s song “Gangsta Walk” with several vocal anecdotes sprinkled throughout, mostly from his work on “The Next Episode”. It’s not what you’d expect at all for late night club sounds, but it works surprisingly well and is an excellent tribute to boot.

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