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[Electronic] Maya Payne – If Only

Maya Payne
If Only (New Release)

Maya Payne is just a teenager. Her hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand must be very proud. The young songstress experienced great success with first single, ‘Fragile‘, as it received major radio play in her home country and on BBC 1 in the UK. Maya’s Soundcloud is full of great remixes to a delightful debut and leaves us wondering how the remixes will sound to ‘If Only’. But lets take a step back and recognize how great the vocals are on this. At times they feel very delicate but as soon as that drop into the chorus hits, she delivers her words fiercely. With such a powerful production to battle, Maya proves how strong and mature her vocals are. This single is bursting with excitement and brightness that will have a lot of labels interested in more. Lots of potential publishing opportunities with this one. “If only I could change.” Don’t change Maya, we think you’re great.

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