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[Exclusive Interview] TMN Sits Down With option4, Keepers. and Need & Necessity at Snowball


’Elizabeth Rose – The Good Life (option4 Remix)’
’Keepers – Hello (Original Mix)’
’Lemme See (Original Mix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**’

This past weekend at Snowball Music Festival, we were treated to a wonderful palate of eclectic artists, all in the heart of Denver Broncos territory at Sports Authority Field. From major acts like Busta Rhymes, Pretty Lights, Yeasayer, Twin Shadow, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Griz, Knife Party and MiMOSA to the amazingly well represented house tent with names including MK, J. Phlip, Graff, Justin Jay, Maxxi Soundsystem and The Juan Mclean; it was safe to say our tastes for all different genres of music were well satiated. We also had the chance to catch up with some of our absolute favorite up and coming house artists option4, as well as the duos of Keepers. and Need & Necessity round-table style in their home city to talk about their burgeoning record label Night Supply, their drinks of choice, spirit animals, Miley Cyrus and a whole lot more. And who better than these three entities to give us a little insight into the climate of dance music in their own state? Check out the full transcript below.

The Music Ninja (TMN): Alright, The Music Ninja here at Snowball Music Festival with option4, Keepers. and Need & Necessity. First things first, I know we can be a bit intimidating so how about a round of Fireball shots? [five minute pause from interview] Okay, let’s get the ball rolling!

TMN: Now, we’re obviously here in your guys’ back yard of Denver. A lot of people don’t realize this, but all of you have been throwing and curating proper house music events in the city for over three years as TheHundred and have built relationships with most every dance artist on the festival. With this year being so heavy on house music, what has it been like to see your collective work begin to take a bit of a hold through more mainstream outlets like a Snowball Music Festival? Let’s start with option4.

option4: Man it’s been awesome to see so many people that might not normally be into this style of music fully support and accept it. For example, last night MK was killer, J. Phlip was killer and all those people choosing to be in the house tent as opposed to some of the other stages. That was something that felt very tangible, very real. It was kind of a weird stage to begin with because nobody could really hear the music outside of the tent and it was a little bit tucked away, but that thing was still absolutely packed.  It seemed like there were a lot of people there for that style of music, so it was nice to see house music have a real footing at an American festival.

Read the rest of our interview with option4, Keepers. and Need & Necessity after the jump!

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[Deep-House] Walker & Royce – Insanity (Original Mix) [TMN Premiere]

Walker & Royce
Insanity (Original Mix)- FREE DOWNLOAD

As the most popular electronic sounds stateside begin to stray away from gigantic stadium-sized drops coupled with over-the-top lasers, strobes and everything in between; we’ve been gifted with a renaissance of sorts -back to the purest forms of house and its many offspring- thanks in part to efficacious artists like Brooklyn duo Walker & Royce. Sam Walker and Gavin Royce have been plying their stirringly groovy brand of deep-house since 2011 to great critical response behind singles on some of the most influential taste-making imprints in the game including Crosstown Rebels, OFF and Pets Recordings along with the shining and untouchable distinction of being tabbed as one of legendary Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong’s “Future Stars” back in October . Today, they’ve gifted us with a brand new original tune, “Insanity” and we couldn’t wait to share it with you Ninjas. “Insanity” kicks off out of the gate behind a compressed kick drum leading into some entrancing synth work and a welcome vocal track spliced from ‘Mr. Let’s Get It On’ himself, Marvin Gaye. The entire movement plays wonderfully as a club groover, but simultaneously can be aurally consumed in any number of mellow to hyphy settings, proving the pair’s firm understanding of music structure and deft ear for addicting sounds in the process. “Insanity” is being given away as a free download via growing house imprint Night Supply, so take the jump here and grab yourself a digital copy in exchange for a Facebook “like”.


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[Deep-House] Danny Marin – Searchin (Original Mix) [TMN Premiere]

Danny Marin
Searchin (Original Mix)

It’s safe to say that the genre tag “deep-house” gets thrown around pretty haphazardly at the moment. We’ve overheard more than our fair share of dance music “aficionados” lumping groups like Disclosure or Bondax under the distinction simply because they are alternatives to commercial EDM, feature some similar sound structuring and run a little slower than those stadium sized electro anthems. However, when we talk about deep-house here at TMN it is most likely pertaining to the pure and soulful archetypal variety. Today brings us a proper house debut from veteran underground DJ and producer Danny Marin, “Searchin”, which is being put out on Night Supply. An intoxicating and bouncy cut in nature, “Searchin” kicks off into a hypnotic house groove under the guise of compressed kicks, sculpted pads and a deep lead synth and bassline. Further glossing up the track is an elegantly pulled vocal slice from Bloody Beetroots and Greta Svabo Beich’s past collaboration “Chronicles of Fallen Love” which adds just the perfect amount of human element to insure “Searchin” a healthy amount of crossover playability, and judging from some of his live 2013 performances with the likes of MK, Cyril Hahn, Ryan Hemsworth, J Phlip and Moon Boots it seems the house guru can and will appeal to any number of differing listeners as well. Grab the free download here and start dancing now.


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[TMN Premiere] option4, Need & Necessity – We Comin’ Up (Original Mix)

option4, Need & Necessity
We Comin' Up

When Denver’s electronic scene is usually thought of, visions of grand scale EDM events at Red Rocks or larger than life dubstep drops may immediately permeate the forefront of your opinions, but thanks to amazing musical contributions from artists like option4 and Need & Necessity, the city has begun developing an insatiable taste for deep, soulful house music. While we’ve separately had the opportunity to feature these two respective dance-floor slayers, today we had the felicitous task of premiering their first collaboration on ascending house label Night Supply, “We Comin’ Up”, and we knew right away this one needed to be shared with you Ninjas. Both parties’ deft comprehension of house production are felt immediately with a scooting hi-hat and bouncy kick leading into the tune’s first break. Before we knew it, a hypnotic synth line was fueling an ample vocal sample into the frontrunner and by the time we realized the pitched down reverberation of “I’m Comin’ Up” was flawlessly pulled from a P!nk sample, we were fully enveloped, jacking our hips unconsciously along. Finally, it is the gripping bass line which implants a real dose of bounce within the track while simultaneously adding another layer of pop accessibility which will no doubt appeal to fans from all walks of listening life. Expect this one to storm house clubs very soon, but don’t be surprised by its shapeshifting ability when you’re just grooving to it either; especially as it’s being given away as a free download here. Stream option4 and Need & Necessity’s “We Comin’ Up” above, and maybe start thinking about the dance hall a little early this week.

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[Deep-House] option4 – Deep Diamonds

Deep Diamonds

option4’s stock once again continues to rise behind his ever consistent, layered and soulful brand of house music. “Deep Diamonds”, option4’s latest record on fledgling house label Night Supply, reveals yet another layer of artistic prowess as the tune rides a carefully composed knife edge between old-school House, Deep-House and pure pop instrumentation. Immediately, precisely compressed kick-drums charge up the build before a brief breakdown grants its listener a tinge of breathing room, while a deeply rooted synth pcarries the entire movement into clubland. Furthermore- in what has been becoming an option4 staple- it is a spliced and reworked vocal track which ultimately steals the show, this time from Lou Vega’s 2008 house anthem “Diamond Life”. As 2013 begins to wind its way down, 2014 appears to be an absolute breakout year for the surging producer with an already steady stream of melodic dance output racking up serious plays and support from the world over; which in turn has also resulted in his being tabbed as author of the most recent mix for the almighty Discobelle Records. We recommend you give that set a rinse as well if you have the time today. “Deep Diamonds” is being released as a free download, and we can’t help but urge our dance aficionados to nab a copy. Hop to it.

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[House] option4 – Late Night Drop

Late Night Drop (Original Mix)

option4 is a name which has been featured here at TMN a few times now, and for absolutely good reason. His brand of dance music has been self-described as “more house than tech, more deep than disco” and we couldn’t have coined it any better ourselves. “Late Night Drop”, the latest effort from the budding producer, certainly flashes influence from each of those aforementioned electronic genres, relying on a distinct set of synths to wind itself into afterhours party territory but more than enough pop sensibility to crossover to a multitude of listeners. That signature option4 bounce is all still there, but this time is cleverly dispatched amongst a sea of dark, luscious pads and shuffling hi-hats for a deeper groove and another glimpse into the diversity of his glowing production standard. “Late Night Drop” is being given away as a free digital download through Night Supply Records, so be sure to grab your copy here and be on the lookout for more option4 tunes in the near future, Ninjas.

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[House] option4 – Street Love

Street Love (Original Mix)

While Colorado and more specifically the city of Denver has become somewhat of a haven for the more aggressive electronic genres, a definite paradigm shift towards the underground house movement has begun to spring up within the last few years thanks in part to artists like option4. The “deeper than disco and more soulful than house” producer has been constantly upping a savvy set of production chops and while we have been quite fond of option4’s last few releases including “All the Girls” and a moving remix of Two Door Cinema Club’s “Handshake” , his newest cut, “Street Love” is by far the most pleasing to our set of Ninja ears. “Street Love” bridges an utterly catchy gap between Deep, Tech and Disco House as well as an R&B sample from Lloyd’s classic club hit “Get It Shawty” and a little sprinkling of gangster sparkle for good measure which all result in a soulful dance tune fit for a sweaty dance floor. As a bonus for our TMN fam, the track is being offered up for free through newly minted house label Night Supply, so be sure to add this one to your download to-do list. Happy Hump-Day!

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