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[Indie Dance] NONONO – Masterpiece (Vargas & Lagola Remix)

Masterpiece (Vargas & Lagola Remix)

“Masterpiece” by NONONO was just that. It wasn’t something we thought we’d be getting a remix to, but it has happened thanks to Vargas & Lagola. It wasn’t that the original didn’t have the capacity to be remixed, it just was that it’s such a great track, hard to do justice to. However, V&L did just that.

The duo keep a similar vibe as the original, but give it a more electronic edge. Bouncy with infectious grooves, the newly formed “Masterpiece” is a tasteful take on NONONO. Vargas & Lagola went a slow-jam route, which is fitting for their and NONONO’s styles. It’s the perfect remix for your Fall playlists, as it has just the sound you need no matter what you get yourself into this season.

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[Electronic] NONONO – Masterpiece


With NONONO‘s new single, you’ll be screaming “YES YES YES!” before it’s even over. Their latest single “Masterpiece” is just that. It’s not your average pop track by any means and that’s what makes it so amazing.

With influence from several genres, it’s hard to even call this distinctly pop music. “Masterpiece” is something you’d expect to hear in a Hollywood blockbuster. That may in fact happen, it’s only a matter of time. Before that you may catch this one everywhere else from radio stations to streaming playlists and elsewhere. Do the right thing and share this with your friends and family before someone else does.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2013 Round #4)


The week of Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, however, we shouldn’t confine it to just one day of the week. We should sprinkle it throughout our entire lifespan. Once a day, take the time to appreciate the things you do have, even if it is as small as say your favorite song of all time or indie music, the internet and blogs, or even free weekly playlists…..Sometimes it’s the little things that get us through the day and if we only paid attention to them a little more, the bigger picture might make sense.

And because it wouldn’t be appropriate to tell you to give thanks and not reciprocate…..We’d also like to take a minute to share. We are thankful for our followers, our listeners, our readers, and those who accidentally stumble upon the Ninja, even if they never come back. We are grateful for the artists who give us awesome material to post and the internet for allowing us to share. We couldn’t do it without you….so Thank You for being you.

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’Sean Christopher – Everything’
’Love Like Birds – Sailorboy’
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