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[Electronic] North Elements x Wayfarer// – Break (feat. Denitia)

North Elements x Wayfarer//
Break (feat. Denitia)

Ready to melt? “Break” is the type of track that’s going to do that to you. North Elements and Wayfarer// teamed up alongside vocalist Denitia for a hot R&B meets electronic single that we can’t get out of our heads. “Embrace damage. Your impermanence, and imperfections make you a work of art,” is what came with the song, so you can see just the type of artsy style you’re about to get into.

Not only is this song completely entertaining, but it is engaging with some great lyrical content performed exceptionally well by Denitia. Soulful, ethereal, smooth, “Break” is everything you think it wouldn’t be knowing the song title. It will surprise you; give it a full listen and tell us otherwise. You’ll reach a point where the song could end, but then it continues with even greater force than before. All acts involved did a wonderful job cooking this one up in the studio. Grab “Break” for free today!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2016 Round #2)


Things come and go. Time passes through. People come in and out of our lives, but music, music stays with us. No matter what we do. And the Indie Dojo will continue to compile it into one sweet little playlist for as long as the internet lives.

’Seagoat – Pins and Needles’
’Xander Singh – Too Fast / Too Close (Demo)’
’Inspired and the Sleep – In My Labyrinth Mind’
’Old Sea Brigade – Love Brought Weight’
’Faint Peter – The Cure’
’Givers & Takers – Start The Morning’
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