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Kultur – Off To Get Lost [TMN Premiere]

Off To Get Lost

Take a few minutes away from work or school or whatever you have going to to let loose with a new single from Kultur. Today we premiere his single “Off To Get Lost” released on Nowadays Records. This magical tale distorts the line between reality and dreams for a mystical adventure you’ll want to take over and over again.

Kultur’s cinematic sound on this track easily activates one’s imagination. Despite it’s dreamy characteristic the song is quite lively with fast paced rhythms and invigorating melodies. “Off To Get Lost” does just that – allows you to really separate yourself from whatever things you have going on. It’s one of those songs that really drives home the transformative power of music.

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[Electronic] Douchka – Infantile EP

Strap in for a special treat from Douchka and Nowadays Records. The release of the genre-breaching EP Infantile came late last month, but it’s so good that we’re going to have to show it some love still. If it slipped through your grips like us, don’t fret, Infantile is here now for your aural pleasure.

Douchka cooked up a handful of tracks for this project, including the single “Call You Mine” that we previously supported prior to the full EP’s release. Collaborators on the project include Lia who was on the previously mentioned single, as well as Hi Levelz who brings an artistic splash on two tracks. The thing is, we have four of those songs for you today, but you can exclusively listen to the intro, interlude and outro through digital services. Every song on here is something you’re going to want to sit back and listen to in full. Do so today and treat yourself on this hump day.

’No Reason feat. Hi Levelz’
’Call You Mine feat. Lia’
’Douchka – This Mood feat. Hi Levelz’
’Douchka – Oh Lee’
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[Future/Trap] Everydayz & Phazz – Almeria LP

Everydayz & Phazz worked up a solid LP with their Almeria project. Their debut LP was released by the French label Nowadays Records on April 20th, with the track hitting stores the same day. Although the album is packed with ten tracks, they have only decided to have two go live on Soundcloud for streaming purposes. “Almeria” and “Trappe D’Amour” are enough to convince you to get the LP alone, and trust us, the rest of the EP is not disappointing. Their future sound backed by hip-hop fury is exemplified by both tracks below, with each having a different overall flavor. Their varied sensibilities come out stronger in the full album, which you’ll just have to purchase to perceive.

’Everydayz & Phazz – Almeria’
’Everydayz & Phazz – Trappe D’Amour’
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