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[TMN PREMIERE] Wicked Man – Soil Leaking Water

Wicked Man
Soil Leaking Water

With the plethora of genres, sub-genres and micro-genres (yes, we know how ridiculous that sounds) that we’re presented daily as bloggers, it’s not all that common to come across something that feels completely unique. Recently, we were introduced to Oakland three-piece Wicked Man, who possess a sound that’s nearly impossible to place, but draws on indie-folk, jazzy jams and impeccable guitar plucking combined with a nearly-sinister voice. Their debut EP, Fingership, felt like a project of discovery for the band but they’re gearing up for the follow-up and, if the first single is any indication, it’s one you’re going to want to look out for.

“Soil Leaking Water” is built on a sort of haunting, oscillating guitar accentuated by the mischievous vocals of frontman Yonatan Tietz, who’s voice finds itself somewhere between Bob Dylan and Alt-J’s Joe Newman. That instrumental loop is quickly followed by layered synths and steady percussion. From that base, the track develops into a magical composition invoking a range of emotions through out tied together by a common groove–whether it be from the guitar, synths or vocals. The complexity of the instrumentation and dynamic nature of the piece don’t take away from its accessibility, though, and neither does the unconventional crooning.

It’s a jam that oozes a variety of vibes that we’ll definitely be saving for our 4th of July BBQ. Do yourself a favor and give this multiple listens above–it gets better with each one. Wicked Man’s upcoming EP is due out mid-September.

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[Indie Electronic] Bells Atlas – Sugar for the Queen

Bells Atlas
Sugar for the Queen

Bells Atlas have already established themselves as a local favorite in Oakland’s burgeoning music scene, and for good reason. The band’s brand of “kaleidosonic soul punch,” as they have so eloquently described it, masterfully mixes electronic and acoustic elements with soulful, avant-garde vocals for a hypnotizing sound. We had a chance to catch their performance at The New Parish a few weeks back and that style translates into an undeniably moving live experience.

Today, the talented four-piece released their latest EP, Hyperlust, a short-but-sweet collection of songs, many of which they’ve rolled out over the last few months. “Sugar for the Queen,” the second offering from the project, dropped yesterday and serves as a perfect introduction to their sound. It’s a dynamic and textured track that draws the listener in with duet vocals backed by unique guitar-plucking and scintillating percussion. The song steadily evolves into blissful psychedelia making for an enchanting, thought-provoking listen.

Get lost in “Sugar for the Queen” above and head over the Bells Atlas’ Bandcamp page to pick up Hyperlust.

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[Hip-Hop] Main Attrakionz – Ain’t No Other Way

Main Attrakionz
Ain't No Other Way

Oakland duo Main Attrakionz blew up seemingly out of nowhere back in 2011 pioneering “Cloud Rap”–a unique brand of hip-hop that combines airy beats with equally weightless rap styles. Lyrically, it’s not what you’d categorize as verbose but it’s overwhelmingly positive, melodic and genuine making for a completely novel listening experience.

The sub-genre has had an enormous influence on rap music since that time with acts like A$AP Rocky, who was featured on their 808s & Dark Grapes II breakout mixtape, Danny Brown and Gucci Mane all taking notice of the alluring aesthetic. In fact, the track “Leaf,” a standout from Rocky’s debut mixtape, was originally featured on 808s & Dark Grapes II under the title “Take 1.” After releasing a solid debut album in 2012 with Bossalinis & Fooliyones, the rappers behind MA, Squadda B and Mondre M.A.N., have been relatively quiet honing their craft after a somewhat unexpected and hasty rise to notoriety.

After a lengthy hiatus as Main Attrakionz, during which time they continued releasing music under their Green Ova label, the duo returned last week with the first single, and accompanying visuals, for their upcoming project, 808s & Dark Grapes III. “Ain’t No Other Way” proves that Main Attrakionz have been hard at work perfecting their supremely ethereal sound. Among rappers, you’d be hard-pressed to find any as low-key, humble and unassuming, while simultaneously enormously influential, as Main Attrakionz. See for yourself in the Kreayshawndirected video below and keep your eye out for 808s and Dark Grapes III due out June 30th.

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[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave. + Ta-Ku Remix

’Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave’
’Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave (Ta ku Remix)’

Childish Gambino has been on a roll the last few weeks as he prepares for the December 10th release of his second album, Because of the Internet.  Earlier today, Bino re-tweeted a status from actor Michael B. Jordan, of The Wire and Fruitvale Station, that included the dreamy “Telegraph Ave.” and a remix from up and coming producer Ta-Ku. While we saw the higher-energy, punchline-heavy Childish on “Sweatpants”, he showcases his singing chops over floating, synth-heavy production only rapping briefly, but effectively, around the 2-minute mark. The title of the song refers to a main street that covers multiple cities, including Oakland, within the East Bay Area. While pure speculation, it seems possible that Michael B. Jordan’s recent role as Oakland’s Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station has some thing to do with the way it was released.

While the original is a treat in itself, the Ta-Ku remix might be the true gem of this release. The Huh What & Where affiliated artist puts a beautiful twist on the track chopping, and distorting, the vocals and speeding things up a bit with a variety of unique percussion.

Listen to both tracks above and grab a free download of them together HERE. You can check out the 14-second, “No Emoji” trailer for Because The Internet after the jump.

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