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[House] The Score – Oh My Love (Kat Krazy Remix)

The Score
Oh My Love (Kat Krazy Remix)

The crazy cat Kat Krazy was commissioned for an official remix of the single “Oh My Love” by The Score. Fans of the original, who also like dance music, will be ecstatic, because Kat Krazy did justice to the original. A bouncy fusion of electro and progressive is what we get with the result of the London producer changing the make-up of the alternative original. Kat closes the gap between festival and club music, making this remix a particularly powerful tool for DJs out there. Fans are looking for records that are tons of fun, and this has more than plenty of fun embedded within. For now, it’s only available for stream, however, keep an eye out as a download/purchase is coming soon.

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