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[House] ON AN ON – Drifting (Duncan Murray Remix)

Drifting (Duncan Murray Remix)

Get lost with Duncan Murray‘s new remix of the ON AN ON single “Drifting,” which was originally released March of this year. This seductive record is a minimalist’s dream, with a subtle arrangement that soothes the listener as though it were injecting Valium straight to your brain. For a song that is six minutes long, it surely doesn’t feel as so. Pretty much from the get go you get trapped in a sweet atmosphere that you’ll never want to escape. Duncan Murray created an escape of his own with this track, as it will wash away all the worries you have about your daily happenings. Aside from this being a baller remix, Duncan decided to be a baller and give this one out for free to fans. All you have to do is head to this link and your musical treat will find its way onto your hard drive.

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[Indie Rock] ON AN ON – Ghosts (Video)

This song just absolutely blows my mind. ON AN ON have attached to it a weird montage/video collage documenting the history of space exploration? I, for one, want to see the three band members (formerly of Scattered Trees) play music. Maybe in the next video.

Their debut album, Give In, comes out January 29th, 2013, on Roll Call Records.

’ON AN ON – Ghosts’
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