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[Electronic] Bearson – One Step At A Time (feat. Natalola)

One Step At A Time (feat. Natalola)

Although the season is fall, that isn’t stopping anyone from releasing records that echo the shine of the Summer sun. One of the producers putting out hot records of this nature is Bearson. Recently the Norwegian put out a single featuring Natalola called “One Step At A Time” that will hit you right in the feels.

“One Step At A Time” is an upbeat song whose lyrical content will touch the hearts of many people who have been in a similar situation as described. There, Natalola smashes the tune to bits with her performance that really makes this record what it is. Although, that’s not to take away from Bearson, whose instrumental is incredibly infectious. It’s at the perfect tempo for a song with step in its name, and the emotional response from listening to it is one that perfectly represents the theme. “One Step At A Time” is out now on digital services through Ultra Records.

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