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[Electronic] OTR – Close feat. Kai Straw

Close ft. Kai Straw

If you’re not already, then you need to get “Close” to the artists OTR and Kai Straw. In the past we’ve been awestruck by their works separately, but now they’ve come together for a massive collaboration.

The chilled out “Close” is dazzling. Kai Straw’s vocal performance is incredible with his hazy textures shimmering atop the magical, R&B tinged instrumental. OTR implements his signature sound, one that soothes the soul with its cerebral nature. “Close” is a record you need and your friends need. Listen, share and repeat.

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[Electronic] Blood Cultures – Scenes From A Midnight Movie (OTR Remix)

Blood Cultures
Scenes From A Midnight Movie (OTR Remix)

Atlanta producer OTR has stepped away from dropping originals to release his official remix of “Scenes From A Midnight Movie” for the New Jersey creative Blood Cultures. This smooth remix is just what you need to end the day on the right note.

The original has been out for quite some time, pushing forth a retro indie sound, while OTR updates it and shifts the sound into his own territory. OTR’s aural move takes the track into a more atmospheric zone. It’s one of those tracks you can just throw on repeat and bask in it’s timelessness. Grab some headphones and see for yourself!

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[Future Bass] OTR – Bliss ft. Ashley Leone

Bliss ft. Ashley Leone

OTR has big things coming. He’s been hard at work on something special and his latest track “Bliss” is just a taste of it. Featuring Ashley Leone, this future-tinged original is rock solid.

“Bliss” is aptly named because that’s the feeling you’re going to get from it. The calming, yet inspiring sound is something that OTR has done in the past, but he brings some subtle twists to this to keep things fresh. If you’d like to get “Bliss’ then you can grab a copy from digital platforms today. As we said before, he’s got more coming so stay tuned!

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[Future Bass] OTR – Already Gone feat. Kelsie Rimmer

Already Gone (feat. Kelsie Rimmer)

Cincinatti’s OTR just dropped a hot one. Luckily “Already Gone” isn’t going anywhere. This fun future original was created alongside help from the Australian vocalist Kelsie Rimmer who deserves a standing ovation for her awesome performance on this one.

“Already Gone” is what most producers set out to make when they wanna pin down this style. The thing is they just don’t do it like OTR. It’s hard to stand out among so many talented creators who are pushing future bass, but OTR gives us some compelling evidence as to why those three letters need to be near the top of your list. With “Already Gone” we get something that isn’t just playable a few times and then it’s stowed away; rather, it’s something that you’ll be abusing the repeat function with. Check it out today and grab a copy from iTunes.

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