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dEVOLVE ft. OYE!!! & Devastator – Bad Man [TMN Premiere]

Bad Man(feat. OYE!!! & Devastator)

It’s no surprise that some quality jungle terror made its way out of Florida. “Bad Man” made its way out of Florida via dEVOLVE and landed right here in the dojo for a Music Ninja Premiere.

“Bad Man” is not only the work of dEVOLVE, as collaborators on the single include OYE!!! and Devastator. Together these three acts spawned a beastly record that will turn up the heat, despite the weather trying to do otherwise. dEVOLVE and company dished out a fun record that is aimed right at the festival target, hitting the bulls-eye directly on the nose. Jungle terror often doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being a palatable sub-genre, but its power to get us dancing is indisputable. On top of that, “Bad Man” is an exceptional one. It’s also out as a free download, so there’s that.

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