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[Hip-Hop/Trap] Stööki Sound – Ösiris EP

Stööki Sound marked the beginning of their tour with the release of their Ösiris EP. They’ll be playing dates across North America from here onward into the new year. If they stop near you, don’t miss out. Something else you shouldn’t miss is their EP.

Ösiris is a step in, for lack of a better term, different direction for the duo. It’s not so much different, as it is them evolving with their style. They’ve always been an act that puts out quality, creative music, but now they’ve really hunkered down to deliver something really special. Six songs make up the EP, with the sounds moving in between hip-hop/grime, to trap, to electronic sounds that can’t be put into any single frame. There is no weak point in Ösiris, only truly exceptional points, including ones within some of the stronger singles like “Hear That” and “Exodus.” We already heard some of the other songs prior to release, including “Endz” and “My G’s” which deserve another listen, even if you streamed them fifty times each when they dropped.

Stööki Sound are setting the pace for a takeover in 2017. Be there, or be square. Before that comes, grab yourself a copy of the Ösiris EP. You’ll thank yourself for doing so.

’Hear That Ft. Jelacee & P Money’
’My G’s Ft. Jelacee’
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