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[Ambient] dream beach – the kiss of the century (ft. cub)

dream beach
the kiss of the century ft cub

Andy Oliver, AKA dream beach, has long been among my favorite forces in the ambient electronic scene. The watery, bell driven soundscapes he consistently crafts never fail to send me packing to extended vacations into my imagination. Thankfully, Oliver’s most recent endeavor, “the kiss of the century,” only expands on the otherworldly atmosphere that he has cultivated throughout his previous work.

The tune features fanciful singing from Detroit’s mystical vocalist CUB, and builds on it marvelously with swelling synths and hypnotic syncopation. In regard to his experience putting together this auditory imagery, Oliver told us:

“TKOTC I made mostly in total delirium. I can see myself fighting rest, barely even there, teary eyed. My favorite ideas come to me very late at night right before I’m about to fall asleep. To me the instrumental acts as audible hallucinations during what felt like temporary insanity.”

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[Progressive House] Cookie, Norman Doray, NERVO – Something To Believe In (Original Mix)

French producer Norman Doray is back again with a new release, this time collaborating with Cookie and my favorite Australians NERVO on “Something To Believe In”. With crisp production and excellent progressions, “Something To Believe In” is a song that resonates with the ’90s style house, with simple, yet powerful vocals, and classic piano stabs. But this song is still very 2012, with the strong lead synths and arpeggiated melodies that characterizes the progressive house genre as we know it. It is well worth a listen, and does not disappoint.

’Norman Doray & Nervo ft. Cookie – Something To Believe In (Original Mix) Out Now on Spinnin Records’

“Something To Believe In” was released this week on Spinnin’ Records and can be purchased on Beatport.

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Diego Camejo (Rise EP Video Footage)

Experiencing heavy success, Miami’s Diego Camejo released video footage surrounding the release of his Rise EP. If the visuals of beautiful women, Miami, and extraordinary club showouts for the young DJ don’t get you clicking, I’m sure the music will.

Check out our previous write-up on the actual EP right here.

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[Progressive House] Tony Romera – Public Enemy (DBN Edit)

There’s no doubt that within EDM progressive house is especially saturated with many talented artists. And while some people can make the argument that it all starts sounding the same after a while, I think those people forget about the subtleties that make a track unique, yet truly representative of its genre.

Tony Romera‘s “Public Enemy” captures the essence of what makes progressive house the genre we’ve all come to love — poignant builds, inspired bridges, and fat drops. Romera is a young producer that’s only just starting to make his name in the scene, and if his production and mixing skills are already at this caliber, I can’t wait to see what he’ll have in store for us in the future.

“Public Enemy” was released by RUN DBN Records and can be purchased on beatport.

’Tony Romera – Public Enemy (DBN Edit) (RUN DBN)’
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[Progressive House] Benji ft. Sherry St. Germain – Steel Eyes (Original Mix)


No offense to Canadians, but I rarely hear anything EDM newsworthy coming from that side of the continent. Benji changes all of that. His new track “Steel Eyes” takes some of my favorite musical elements—sexy female vocals, a sweeping acoustic guitar, pumped up synths—and skillfully crafts them into an ethereal euphonic track. The level of quality production on this progressive house banger sets the bar high. “Steel Eyes” leaves me wanting to hear more of what Benji has to offer, and I’m sure he won’t disappoint.

“Steel Eyes” was released by Musical Freedom Recs. on 07/09 and can be purchased here.

’Benji ft. Sherry St. Germain – Steel Eyes (Original Mix)’
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[Progressive] EDX- Give It Up For Love (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)

Talented NY producers Mysto & Pizzi, better known for their “Beatmaking Wednesday” sessions on Youtube, have greatly improved in their progressive house productions over the past year. Their remix of EDX’s “Give It Up For Love” manages to maintain a graceful equilibrium between freshness and nostalgia. The first time I listened to this duo was years ago when they were still focusing on hip-hop remixes. They’ve shown their versatility time and time again, and trust me, this track DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. The pure filtered buildups, one progression building upon another, the emotional depth built into the synths, the vocal prowess of John Williams—this track leaves you feeling empowered, ready to go all night, and maybe, just maybe…giving it up for love.

Watch the video, it’s sure to make anyone that’s been to an EDM event sentimental.

“Give It Up For Love” was released 5/25 on Sirup Music and can be purchased on Beatport here.

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[New Release]Deadmau5 – For Lack Of A Better Name


I got an email yesterday from someone asking me if I knew any good progressive/house dj’s out there and only one came to mind. I have been waiting to talk about Deadmau5 for a while now as I see him as one of the most influencial, original and energetic performer in todays house scenes. Classifying him into one category of trance music is considered impossible by most. As our friends from uhohdisco.com describes it, “How many other artists can say they’ve spun hipster events like Hard, raver events like Monster Massive, and (soon to be) pure techno events like the Belgian, I love Techno?” Only 1; Deadmau5

His latest party mixes can be found on his compilation album ‘For Lack Of A Better Name’ released this month. You can buy it and also stream it off his website.

It may be hard to classify his music, but when it comes to describing his remixes, it becomes a breeze; Simply mindblowing. He is one of the few artists who I actually follow on their blog just waiting for the next mix. Although, he has ranted on his blog about people uploading low-quality/rip versions, I hope he can find in him to forgive us all as his music is just too good to keep it to ourselves. If you enjoy progressive trance, Deadmau5 is for you. Cannot wait to see him at HOB Orlando November 12th.

Here are some of his original as well as remixed versions of his works.


[Deleted by Request] Ghosts n Stuff (feat rob swire)

’ghosts n stuff feat rob swire – deadmau5.mp3′

[Deleted by Request] Deadmau5 and Kaskade – I Remember

’deadmau5 and kaskade – i remember.mp3′

[Deleted by Request] Strobe


[Deleted by Request] Deadmau5 – I Remember (Caspa Remix)

’Deadmau5 – I Remember Caspa Remix.mp3′

[Deleted by Request] FML

’01 FML.mp3′
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