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Renraku Enters The Dojo With 3 Exclusive Listens [TMN Premiere]

Usually when we have a premiere, it’s of a single track from a single artist or collaboration. That’s not the case today, as we’re sharing three tracks from Renraku‘s upcoming Gravity Well compilation. In this premiere, we’re giving you an early listen to singles from Kurve, NEWSENSEi and Prophet. Enjoy them all, as they don’t come out in full until the 25th, but we’ve got you covered!

Kurve’s “Stuck There” is a neuro-minimalists dream come true. It’s simple composition holds your attention with subtle nuances that peak out and jab your ear drum with pleasureful, dark tones. “Dirty Jobs” by NEWSENSEi is a slow-motion heater that shares the neuro edge of the previous single, but flips the tone entirely for an industrial specimen that you can enjoy over and over again. Lastly, Prophet’s “False Idol” comes through with a KOAN Sound-esque style, but takes a more downtempo, glitchy approach. All three together are delectable bass treats that we’re happy to share with you early! Make sure to grab the full Renraku compilation when it drops July 25th.

’Kurve – Stuck There’
’NEWSENSEi – Dirty Jobs’
’Prophet – False Idol’
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PsyFi – Prophets [TMN PREMIERE]

Psy Fi
Prophets [TheMusicNinja Premiere]

Miles Ross comes in peace. Mr. Ross, who produces under the moniker Psy-FI, comes from a galaxy not so far away (Oakland, CA) with “Prophets”, a forward-thinking single from his upcoming future bass full-length release, Totality,out April 4th on Gravitas Recordings.

The “Arrival”-esque album cover prepares you for a large and impending event, and “Prophets” delivers. Psy-FI’s strong percussive backdrop, which has evolved over the years, puts the space-age soundscape of his synthesizers into sharp relief. Wide, shining chords take the fore during the drops, but they give way to undulating low-end bass in a bit of call-and-response. This atypical arrangement keeps you on your toes. Despite the presence of so many aggressive sounds, Psy Fi makes good use of the negative space in “Prophets”, always a tasteful touch especially with bass-heavy electronic music.

With “Prophets” as a preview, we thoroughly look forward to more of Psy Fi’s extraterrestrial offerings on his full-length release, Totality, out April 4 on Gravitas Recordings. You can score a $1 pre-sale copy of the record here.

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