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Shadowgraphs – Scarlet Tunic [TMN PREMIERE]

Scarlet Tunic

Shadowgraphs is a self-described “neo-psychedelic” rock group that hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Recently, they have been releasing music through Portland’s Golden Brown, an independent label/artist development group. Today, TMN is premiering Shadowgraphs’ latest single, “Scarlet Tunic” as a followup to their first single “Countryside”, both off their upcoming full-length album that’s due out this April.

“Scarlet Tunic” is an adventurously high-energy tune, continuing off of the retro-cool sound established on the first premiere single. It is an unmistakably psychedelic production that shows influence from 60’s surfer rock. The track features a harmonization of reverb and distortion-heavy guitars, while being anchored by a rock-steady bass line that provides structure in an otherwise frenetic song. Band member Wils Glade describes the song as:

the mental point you get to when you’ve stayed up for way too long, like a day or so, and reality begins to crumble around you.

You can certainly feel this mental battle when you hear the guitar riffs go up against the dream-like, ambient vocals. If you rocked out to this joint, pre-order the upcoming album (out April 7th) on Shadowgraphs’ Bandcamp.

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Cape Mandala – Anamnesis (EP) [TMN Premiere]

Ever come across a sound so memorably pleasant that you just have to pause for a second and tune in with full attention? You’re in for a special treat today. Cape Mandala, an indie band based off of Orange County California, just released their second EP titled Anamnesis, which is a project perfectly showcasing the group’s ever-changing sound and talents. With hints of psych rock, indie and electropop, the 4-song EP is Cape Mandala’s stepping stone to defining their sound and character.

The lo-fi approach of these tracks accentuates the indie elements of the group by giving it a rather summery vibe. The instrumentals are closely detailed, simple in general yet complex in rhythm. They possess a retrograding sound reminiscent of old times, but feels refreshing the more you listen to it. The opener, “Disorder’s Here”, screams resemblance of the sound of Future Islands, which always carries us back in time and ponder. Though short in length, these tunes will be stapled in your mind as time goes by.

If you like a fusion of indie and psych rock, make sure to follow Cape Mandala, as they’re set to make a name for themselves in 2015 with the release of Anamnesis. Let your emotions marinade for a second and listen to the EP below.

’Cape Mandala – Disorder’s Here’
’Cape Mandala – Blinded’
’Cape Mandala – Memories’
’Cape Mandala – Flood’
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