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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 279)

Let the week fade away into oblivion. Sure, it’s going to come back in just a few days, but let’s not focus on that. Instead bring your attention to letting loose tonight and getting the weekend started properly with some incredible tunes. As always we’ve collected free downloads over the past seven days to deliver to you here. The more music the merrier! This time around we’ve got songs from Savoy, Jameston Thieves, Tony Romera, KANDY, QUIX and many more. Grab all twelve if you’re still into collecting files or simply stream them while you shake off the worries of the week. Like what you hear? Share the playlist with friends for maximum satisfaction.

’Hanz – Winter Feat. Still Haze’
’Savoy – Don’t Quit Me Now’
’Harvey Trisdale – Fit to Be Found (Takka Remix)’
’Jameston Thieves – Hagakure Feat. Abrax Phaeton’
’DJ Snake – A Different Way feat. Lauv (Tony Romera Remix)’
’Daft Punk – Technologic (Flomind Remix)’
’Woof Logik – Divide’
’DJ Snake Feat. Lauv – A Different Way (KANDY Remix)’
’Virtual Riot – Nightmare (MAKK Remix)’
’Golden Child & sfam – Gone’
’Tokyo Tav – Touch The Sky’

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[Event/Playlist] Nightmare Festival Takes Over The Dojo

Nightmare Festival is just around the corner. October 27th through the 29th will see the Halloween music and arts festival take over Camp Ramblewood in Maryland. The unique festival is not only taking over Camp Ramblewood, but they’ve just took over the dojo!

Our Dojo Takeover Spotify playlist has just been revamped with tracks from artists you’ll be seeing at the festival. Some of these artists include Caspa, Figure, Quix, Minnesota, Reid Speed, Skism, Boogie T and many more. Enjoy the bass booming playlist below and make sure to grab tickets to the festival if you have not done so already!

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[Trap] QUIX X Bishu – Skin To Skin (feat. Cappa)

QUIX X Bishu
Skin To Skin (feat. Cappa)

“Skin To Skin” is the newest song from the New Zealand producer QUIX. Although he comes first, both Bishu and vocalist Cappa helped tremendously to make this song what it is. Released on Dim Mak, “Skin To Skin” is currently available for purchase on digital stores and trust us, you’re going to want it.

Popularity isn’t the main thing to look at when something has come out, but it can be a good indicator. In just four days “Skin To Skin” has accumulated over 120,000 plays on the dwindling Soundcloud. People, including us, just can’t get enough of this dirty trap original. It’s not even close to average in any way, shape or form. QUIX and company manage to have created something that stands out with a hybrid sound that will sweep you off your feet. Get your copy and make sure to share this one with your friends.

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[Multi-Genre] QUIX – Heaps Cool EP

QUIX is coming off a highly successful single that seemed to take over the dance music blogosphere with a vengeance. One single wasn’t enough as the producer has come forth with his debut Dim Mak EP called Heaps Cool that is, well, HEAPS COOL. Sorry, there was no way around that one.

Heaps Cool is made up by six tracks including the previously released “Riot Call” that we mentioned before. Throughout the EP, QUIX takes us around the map with differing sounds, hitting future bass, house and some heavy trap that leads the EP. Tracks like “Lucy’s Place” and “Sweet Thing” exude the swagger needed to make a hit within the genre. Not only that, but QUIX manages to infuse his own signature into each track, which is really where the EP’s prestige comes from. Check out all six songs and grab a copy of the EP from digital stores today.

’Four Letter Lie’
’Alpaca (feat. XO Man)’
’Riot Call (feat. Nevve)’
’Lucy’s Place’
’Deep Home (Hold Up)’
’Sweet Thing’
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[Future Bass] QUIX – Riot Call feat. Nevve

Riot Call (feat. Nevve) [RTT Premiere]

Dim Mak is kicking off the weekend with a sick new track from the New Zealand producer QUIX. “Riot Call” featuring Nevve is the record and future is the sound. From the very beginning this tune will snag your attention only to never let go.

Fair warning, you may leave your repeat button engaged for a good bit after answering to “Riot Call.” The Nevve vocal is tremendous, one of our favorite performances on an EDM track this year. That doesn’t take away from the amazing work QUIX did on this hard-nosed instrumental. The drop has more edge to it than most future singles do, giving it a slightly different mood than what we’re generally used to. The heavier sound will be perfect for the Summer festival season, where we’re sure you’ll here this one being played. Check it out today and grab a copy from iTunes.

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