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Mosaics Talk their Musical Vision, Influences and San Francisco [TMN Exclusive Interview/Event Preview]

We’re really excited to be teaming up with the Make It Funky SF collective to put on a series of showcases in California highlighting local talent. Launching this Saturday, February 21st at El Rio in San Francisco, the first installment will feature experimental indie band Feed Me Jack and the folky, electronic vibes of Mosaics with support from acoustic soul duo, The Kakaroaches making for an eclectic mix of styles. As part of the series, we’ll be catching up with some of the performers to shed light on up ‘n coming musicians. RSVP at the link below. 

M o s a i c s

The emergence of electronic music has created a fascinating rippling effect across genres as more and more artists find creative ways to combine musicianship with the seemingly limitless capabilities of modern studio technology. San Francisco band, Mosaics, have perhaps one of the most novel fusions we’ve heard yet using unconventional, percussive acoustic guitar to create samples that can be manipulated, arranged and layered with unique vocals into brooding, experimental compositions. Their debut LP, Of Colors, helps establish their forward-thinking sound proving refreshingly original without losing accessibility or catchiness. We had a chance to catch up with Mosaics band members Devon Kelts (guitar, vocals), Tyler Hill (production, keys), Grady Lee (vocals, guitar, bass) and Westin Joy (drum machine, bass) about their collective vision, musical influences and experiences as musicians in SF. Get to know Mosaics below and come out to see them this weekend at our first ever Music Ninja show in the Bay Area!

RSVP: Make It Funky & Music Ninja Present: Feed Me Jack, Mosaics and The Kakaroaches


TMN: Can you tell us a bit about how you all first met?

Devon: Tyler and I went to Loyola Marymount down in Los Angeles to study music and composition. We were best friends from college and decided to move up to San Francisco to try to make it as musicians. We did a couple musical projects that were kind of just our own thing but we didn’t really put out anything. Mosaics was the final iteration of those projects where we felt like we had a sound that was something we could stand behind. We needed a passionate musician and strong vocalist to get our LP Of Colors finished so we brought on Grady. It ended up working out really well and he made some really strong contributions in helping us finish the record. Then we needed someone to help us play live—Wes and I were already friends and he was pretty excited about the opportunity so we brought him in. He already has experience with production and has similar musical tastes so it worked out quite nicely.

TMN: Your music falls at this really interesting intersection of folk/acoustic, experimental and electronic. Can you talk a bit about the vision behind Mosaics?

Tyler: I think that the vision essentially started with Devon and I painting sonic landscapes on the computer. We wanted to create a sound that could be considered pop but still is drawing all of this original material in from things we’ve created. When we did our first EP, we had a concept where all the songs heard were coming from the guitar. So, basically we made an album all from samples created from hitting the guitar for drums, creating pads out of the guitar using production techniques and obviously writing melodies with lyrics. Our goal is to make something that is very authentic and artistic, but can still have that pop catchiness and drive.

Devon: We wanted to unite things. Often times really unique ways of playing the acoustic guitar are kept in a purist category. Meaning that they just play the instrument and nothing else. It’s very seldom that you see people with unique approaches to acoustic guitar uniting with the world of electronic production. Our goal was to find a way to unite the two in a tasteful manner and maybe, in that unification, to create something that’s new and novel.
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[TMN Exclusive Interview] Trails and Ways Talk Influences, Covers and the Bay Area at Outside Lands 2014


’Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune’

Oakland-based band, Trails and Ways, first surfaced back in 2012 with a string of impressive covers that reinvented some of the year’s strongest pop songs in unexpected and refreshing ways. Unsurprisingly, their subsequent debut EP, Trilingual, proved that their unique style is displayed in an even more powerful way through their original music. The 5-song project, true to its title, features lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese–a reflection of the group’s travels in Spain and Brazil. Aside from the evident international influence, Trails and Ways have an incredible take on dreamy California pop, teaming addicting lush acoustic and electronic melodies with the diverse vocals of all 4 band members.

We had a chance to catch up with Keith Brower Brown (guitar, synths) and Ian Quirk (drums) at this year’s Outside Lands to discuss their travels, musical influences and fantastic covers among other topics. Considering the quality of their library thus far, we could not be more excited for what Trails and Ways have in store in the next year.

TMN: First of all, we’re here at Outside Lands. Did you come here when you were at UC Berkeley?


Ian Quirk of Trails and Ways

Ian: I’m from the East Bay. Hayward, which is a little south of where we live now in Oakland. I went to Outside Lands twice growing up. One of the most memorable experiences was at Radiohead. The sound went out, like the main speakers went out during their set, but they totally just kept playing. Everybody was dead silent—it was crazy at a festival that big—just trying to hear basically the stage monitors and a few little speakers. I’ve never seen that before at a festival where there’s dead silence. And then the sound came back on and after the most quiet I’d ever heard, it was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard immediately afterward.

TMN: Did the whole band live together in college?

Keith: Three of us lived in a building called Lothlorien, not the the Land of the Elves although I’d love to live there. This was a co-op at Berkeley—one of the student bought houses. Hannah, the lead guitarist, lived very briefly there for a summer, but we all went to school at Berkeley. Graduated a few years ago. Continue reading

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[Dope] Frank Ocean – Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead Cover) (Live Clip)

Last week at a Spotify press conference in New York City, Frank Ocean played a short set. Before launching into his song “Voodoo,” he sang his own rendition of Radiohead‘s classic “Fake Plastic Trees”. The clip is only a little over a minute, but two tremendous artists incarnated in one song is just too newsworthy to pass up on. We’ve included the original version, off Radiohead’s The Bends, below.

’radiohead – fake plastic trees’
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[Mash-Up] Jay-Z vs. RadioHead = Jaydiohead


What happens when NYC Dj/Producer Max Tannone A.K.A Minty Fresh Beats mashes Jay-Z acapella tracks with Radiohead samples? Well, Tannone has coined it Jaydiohead, a mixture of the alternative rock sound with the flow and lyrics of the hip-hop heavyweight. First released in January of this year as a free album, with the production quality comparable to his official mash-up album with Linkin Park back in 2004. This free download consists of 10 tracks, where you will be able to experience some of the ones we have selected below.

Jaydiohead – No Karma
[“Karma Police” (Radiohead) + “No Hook” (Jay-Z)]

’Jaydiohead – No Karma.mp3′

Jaydiohead – Wrong Prayer
[ “Pray” (Jay-Z) + “I Might Be Wrong” (Radiohead) ]

’Jaydiohead – Wrong Prayer.mp3′

Jaydiohead – Dirt Off Your Android
[“Dirt Off Your Shoulder” (Jay-Z) + “Paranoid Android” (Radiohead)]

’Jaydiohead – Dirt Off Your Android.mp3′

Now that you tasted the amazing clash of Radiohead and Jay Z by Minty Fresh make sure you download the entire album! Click here to download it for free.


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Michael Rossback: Acoustic Rock at its Best


I recently discovered Michael Rossback music on thesixtyone and I do not know why I haven’t heard him before, his acoustic rock songs along with an impressive voice, similar to Chris Martin’s, just made me buy all 4 of his independent albums… with no regrets. Micheal Rossback spends most of his time in the studio producing other artist but that has not stopped him from recording his own music. Although most of his songs are comprised of acoustic instrumentals, his songs have a heavy rock influence. In addition, some of his songs have an experimental foundation that combined with his heavy but soothing rock voice, makes you compare him to popular bands like Radiohead and Coldplay. Micheal has taken me by surprised and I hope he does the same to you. I have included one of the most experimental sounding songs from him titled “In Dreams” from his album “In Dreams” released March of last year. “Carry My Weight” is a poetic, slow rock song from his album “Angels in Between the Lines
” released independently February of 2008. It is emotionally powerful enough to appear in a soundtrack of a TV show on some type of romantic farewell scene. On the same album, there is a much mellow, acoustic guitar, soft song titled “Best Dreams” that’s lyrics are as gentle as they sound sincere. I probably like this song a lot due to its lyrics that go “Give love away, live your tomorrow, today” a phrase that  everyone should try to live by.

In Dreams

”In Dreams”

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Carry My Weight

”Carry My Weight for You”

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Best Dreams

”Best Dreams”

AmazonWebsite Myspace

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