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[Deep House] EDX – Remember House (Radio Edit)

Remember House (Radio Edit)

Do you “Remember House?” Because EDX sure does. Fresh off the release of a remix of “Uruguay” by fellow Helvetic Nerds members Nora en Pure and Sons of Maria, that has dominated the Beatport Deep House charts, the trusted Swiss-based producer has delivered the perfect track to bust us out of our Monday blues.

Released today on Enormous Tunes, “Remember House” is another departure from EDX’s prototypical progressive house stylings that we’ve become accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean the track isn’t just as good as his oldies, if not better. Intricately layering a deep, punchy bass line with crafty percussive patterns and a memorable vocal loop, EDX injects a naturally energetic personality into the track, making it the perfect club construction.

The track is available for purchase on Beatport here, and look out for more exciting things to come out of this dance music veteran in 2015 by following him on Soundcloud.

3/13 – La Santa – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
3/14 – Prime – Boston, MA
3/15 – Shepard’s Beach – Clearwater, FL
3/18 – Mansion – Miami, FL
3/19 – CREATE – Los Angeles, CA
3/20 – Foxtail Pool Club – Las Vegas, NV
3/21 – NIGHCLUB @ Ameristar – St. Charles, MO
3/22 – Yoshitoshi – Miami, FL
3/27 – MOKAI – Miami, FL
3/27 – Ultra – Miami, FL
3/28 – FIFTY – Miami, FL
3/28 – Hyde Beach – Miami, FL
3/29 – Rec Room – Miami, FL

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[Deep House] EDX – Remember House (Teaser)

Remember House (TEASER)

Maurizio Colella, aka EDX, has been a machine the past year in developing his thriving career. Between forward thinking originals, exquisite remixes, his weekly No Xcuses podcast, and his recent ‘Progression of Sound’ US Tour, we have begun to think that Colella has a super power that does not require sleep. To keep fans on their toes once again, EDX previews his newest original, “Remember House,” that is out via Enourmous Records on March 2nd to kick start the festival season.

EDX has created a niche in the dance soundscape with his trademark blend of progressive and deep house that fans immediately feel in love with. After a first listen of “Remember House,” it seems that EDX may be taking a slight departure from his signature sound. EDX layers a throbbing bassline with vintage vocals and entrancing pad work to deliver a club banger that still resembles his beloved progressive style. Although EDX throws us a curve ball with “Remember House,” we will be excited to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve for 2015.

Be sure to check out EDX‘s last remix of Nora En Pure and Sons of Maria’s “Uruguay” that has been #2 on Beatport Deep House Charts and #12 on the Overall Charts. Grab your copy here.

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