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[Deep House] Candyland & RICCI – Touch Me

Candyland has been kicking up the house game with several of her past releases, and we’re not mad at all. The past two, including the latest one “Touch Me,” have been pushed through Monstercat, which has been a perfect fit for the Santa Barbara producer.

“Touch Me” isn’t exclusively Candyland’s, as the Brazilian producer RICCI hopped on it as well. I’m going to be frank here, deep house doesn’t get much better than this. From the vocal, to the bassline, to the percussion, to every little detail; this song is on point. If you don’t want something to get stuck in your head, then turn back now, because this is guaranteed to takeover your brain. Candyland never disappoints, and with the help of RICCI, this track was taken to extreme heights. We can’t wait to hear what each act has coming next. For now, we’ve got ourselves a copy of “Touch Me” and you can to thanks to iTunes.

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