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[Future/Trap] DEVAULT – Right With You / Closer EP

’Devault – Right With You’
’Devault – Closer’

DEVAULT has been absolutely destroying the remix game. Few up and coming producers can touch the stuff he has been putting out. With that said, we’ve been desiring some originals from him, and now we have not one, but two original works.

DEVAULT dropped two singles through Trap Nation that, for all intents and purposes, are an EP. The double single release is made up of “Right With You” and “Closer.” Each track shows off the producer’s prowess in the hybrid future game. Both singles share a familiar, glorious tone that feels larger than life. “Right With You” has a bit more groove and pop to it, making it a bit more accessible, but “Closer” is an undeniably powerful track. These two singles are a one, two punch knockout that has more force than you’d even expect from a talent like DEVAULT. Stream them now, and then when you’re done, head over to iTunes to get both records.

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