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[Music Video] Apashe x Vladimir Cauchemar – RIP

Apashe has long been one of the most interesting producers out there and at this point he’s earned the right to be called a composer too. With his classical influence that brought him to record an album, an EP and more with real orchestras, he’s one of dance music’s most iconic creatives and now he’s back with another iconic musician in the masked Vladimir Cauchemar.

There song “RIP” is a beautifully contorted blend of styles that one can only describe as cinematic house. It’s a hypnotic record that comes with an even more astounding music video. Apashe has been widely recognized by his impressive music videos before, but the visual counterpart to “RIP” is bigger than ever. It’s grand, sharp, indulgent and Earth-shattering (literally). Check it out for yourself and enjoy the end of the world.

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Tommy Kruise is the next victim of SKULS, as the duo have released a RIP of the single “Hers.” As usual, the song has been released as a free download. You’ll want to snag it, as its a heavenly record that you’ll most likely have stuck on repeat all day. SKULS keeps things on the calmer side, which turned out extremely well as they are able to engage the listener throughout the four minutes despite going for feels as opposed to energy. Although I don’t think it is their best work, it’s definitely up there, and just a tiny bit different than what we usually hear. SKULS never cease to amaze, and if you’re not a fan of them yet, you will be. Make sure to check out their other work if you haven’t yet!

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[Future] The Weeknd – The Hills (SKULS RIP)

The Weeknd
The Hills (SKULS RIP)

SKULS have always brought the fire with their signature RIP remixes. They keep the flames going strong with their remix of “The Hills” by The Weeknd. Future and trap are the usual routes the duo take, and with this the former sound is where they head. With all the explosive energetic tracks that are coming out this festival season, it’s nice to catch a break on the chiller side. SKULS allow for that with a tasteful production that is along the lines of producers like Prince Fox. Given their extensive list of quality cuts, we’re hoping to see these two do some original productions for some of the people they’ve remixed. They certainly have the chops, as you can hear. As always, they have given this track one out for free. Hop on it!

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[Trap] Flume – Insane feat. Moon Holiday (SKULS RIP)

Insane feat. Moon Holiday (SKULS RIP)

The week just started and we already have ourselves one of the dopest records to show with SKULS‘ Rip of “Insane” by Flume. His collaboration with Moon Holiday got tastefully trapped out by the Bay Area act. Throughout the four and a half minutes, you are taken through four chorus sections, with the one and third being similar, and the other two sporting different qualities that change things up for varied vibes. SKULS is an act that has put out a lot of extremely good songs, and this is one that blows us away even by SKUL standards. It’s got a sound that works for large crowds, but it’s not an in your face with energy type of track. They played it cool and were still able to manage something with a big sound. If you don’t already follow these two on Soundcloud, you best start now.

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[Trap] Nadus – Nxwxrk (SKULS RIP)

Nxwxrk (SKULS RIP)

The Bay Area is home to a ton of good music. SKULS pulls their weight on that front, and the duo have just brought us another piece of gold to add to their treasure chest. Their signature RIPs are always on point, with this piece being no different. “Nxwxrk” by Nadus gets trapped out with a futuristic tinge. SKULS have a distinct style that they’ve continued to shape over the past several months since they’ve began their journey, with this song proving their progress over time. Their superb synth and string work are what stick out to us, however all of the tiny details come together for one product that packs a massive punch. It’s not overly energetic, but it has a dope groove to it, and it’s certainly dope music. Enjoy it, and grab a free copy for yourself.

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