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[Future Bass] Far Out – Rise

Far Out

If you’re a fan of cinematic sounds and heavy hitting drops, then Far Out has some music for you. “Rise” is the perfect bridge between something you’d hear in a Hans Zimmer score and something you’d dance to at an EDM festival. The duo’s name is well-deserving, as their music is definitely far out.

The song starts out slow with just a simple, ambient piano progression, but soon enough, strings and drums make their way in. During the buildup, the song starts to make a transition from classical instruments to electronic ones, and by the drop, you’re listening to a culmination of it all. Filled with vibrant synths and hard-hitting drums, the drop hurtles you into a musical euphoria. Far Out’s unique style and incredible production skills makes them a duo that should definitely be on your radar. Make sure to grab a free download, and be on the lookout for more bangers from these guys.


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[Trap/Dubstep] ARIUS – Rise (feat. Born I Music)

Rise (feat. Born I Music)

Dim Mak recently released a hot one from the collaborators ARIUS and Born I. “Rise” is going to do just that for you – get you up and moving with your adrenaline and dopamine levels rising.

This hybrid heater smashes dubstep, trap and hip-hop together in epic fashion. Right from the start you feel the track’s grandiosity and it continues to build upon that initial feeling until you’re blasted with a boisterous blend of bass samples. Born I targets the verses with his iconic rhymes that have steadily establishing him as a go-to rapper for electronic crossover tracks. This isn’t the first time these acts have come together and it surely won’t be the last because every time out they create something incredible.

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[House] Lane 8 – With Me

Lane 8
With Me

Last time we covered the work of Daniel Goldstein, your ninja team was in the building as he delivered a previously-unreleased track “Midnight” during his 12:00 New Year’s set at Snowglobe. Despite the lack of coverage recently, make no mistake Lane 8 has been busy churning out contemporary hits with regularity. Over the past few months our favorite French Express / Anjunadeep collaborator has released a dual EP release in Crush/Divina, a summer mixtape, and a long awaited remix of deadmau5’s all-time classic “Strobe”. This week, he’s given us two surprises: a new release as well as details regarding a nationwide winter tour.

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[House] Lane 8 – Midnight

Lane 8

With the clarity of hindsight, it is apparent that Lane 8 went above and beyond to make his mark on 2015. In a year that saw, countless remixes, the release of his debut album Rise, an extensive touring schedule, and an interview with The Music Ninja, San Francisco’s own Lane 8 kept himself very busy.

In an attempt to start 2016 with the most consistent and diligent producers of the year, I made a point to attend Lane 8’s New Years Eve set at the annual Snowglobe Music Festival in Lake Tahoe. As the clock struck 12:00, the producer faded into an unfamiliar, minimalistic piece. As the song progressed, additional layers were introduced and the more familiar aspects of a Lane 8 production began to take shape. The uplifting, electronic song he premiered that night, without introduction, was released last week, titled “Midnight”.

The energy from this deep house masterpiece is infectious early on and continues to impress, through the subtle insertion of its many technical elements, for the full duration of 7 minutes. Lane 8 fans can stay up to date with his latest productions via Soundcloud or by catching him live on tour.

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