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[Indie Dance] Yellow Claw – Run Away

Yellow Claw
Run Away

Yellow Claw┬áhave taken a turn down a different sonic road with their latest single, “Run Away.” Billboard premiered the music video for the song, which will be released on the trio’s upcoming album Bloody For Mercy. One angry Soundcloud commenter called the track “commercial,” and although they are branding it as future pop, the sound pulls more from indie and house than anything. That is, until the second drop, where a cut-time break drops into the mix. “Run Away” has a dark tone to it, leading it to be an almost ominous song that the music video, which you can watch below, portrays well. If they were going for interesting, they nailed it, and if they’re going for that again with the whole album, then it’s sure to be quite a record. You never know what Yellow Claw has up their sleeves.

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