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[Electronic] Rustie – EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE (Album)

’Rustie – Peace Upzzz’
’Rustie – First Mythz’

Scottish producer Rustie has been sneakily flooding Soundcloud with manic, mind-blowing productions for the last few months including one he apparently made in the hospital. Yesterday, he casually announced his latest album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE along with the release of “Peace Upzzz,” which is track 6 from the project. As promised, Rustie’s latest album dropped this morning and it’s a monster. With 15 tracks, it’s some of Rustie’s most ambitious and bombastic work to date drawing clear influence from Glasgow’s electronic scene referencing Happy Hardcore in some of its aesthetics while maintaining a grandiose, trap-influenced sound. You may notice a few tracks on the album are appended (feat. Rustie) signifying that Rustie contributed either guitar or vocals along with production. Check out a couple of the tracks from EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE above and grab a copy here.

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[Electronic] Rustie – Big Catzz

’Rustie – Big Catzz’
’Gammer – Nostalgia (Rustie Edit)’

Although he rose to popularity during EDM Trap’s prime, to constrain Rustie‘s music to that sub-genre would be selling it short. His grandiose, intoxicating productions never fail to impress and, as of late, he’s been putting out the best material of his young career. About a month ago he dropped an enormous remix of Jack Ü‘s “Where Are Ü Now” and, yesterday, he let loose yet another absolute mindfuck of an edit taking on Gammer‘s “Nostalgia,” which we’ve also included above.

After two flawless remixes, Rustie put out his first original track in a while this morning noting that he’s getting tired of waiting on upcoming release dates. “Big Catzz” opens with a fluttering, marching band-esque drum line before erupting with into an enormous synth interlude that’s quickly accompanied by a high-pitched backing melody. Triumphantly, the song climaxes into a glitchy chorus. As good as it is, “Big Catzz” almost feels like a musical sketch for Rustie–nonetheless the engineering is flawless and it flexes his versatility with trance-y undertones accompanying his signature heaven-trap style. It sounds like Rustie’s got some new music coming soon but, in the meantime, turn these ones up for your Thursday night shenanigans and grab a couple free downloads above.

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[Festival Review] Life on the Incline: Sasquatch!, the Gorge and the Hill’s Eternal Serenity

17496069434_2c6a933028_oThere’s nothing quite like the sensation of sitting sideways atop the slope of the Gorge Amphitheater’s hill at Sasquatch! Music Festival overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. Add entrancing music to a background that no picture or piece of art could ever do justice; and, at that intersection, you’ll find the happy place Squatchers look forward to all year. The so-far-past picturesque backdrop sets the tone for the festival but, with arguably one of its best lineups yet, was a far cry from Sasquatch’s only attraction this year. Rather, the main stage’s slope served as the much-needed anchor after a dance party at the Chupacabra tent or Big Foot stage—a place to lie, head up or down, and absorb the collective consciousness of thousands of equally inspired concertgoers.

Music festivals have become such chaotic events and Sasquatch! is, certainly not an exception, but it’s that same comfort felt on the hill that permeates throughout the entire campground. No matter what you’re going through or how you’re feeling, the hill will take your emotional state to serenity, where it belongs.

18009447496_4d9cd9882f_oWords, photos and songs really can’t do justice to just how incredible the Squatch is but we’ve done our best to recap, from our perspective, the musical highlights from the 4 days. For those of you who were there, we hope this brings you back even if just a little bit and for those who weren’t, well, you’re going to want to be there next year after peeping our recap.

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[Trap] Rustie – Triadzz (Deon Custom Edit)

Triadzz (Deon Custom Edit)

It’s a good day when Deon Custom uploads something to his Soundcloud. He did just that today with his edit of “Triadzz,” an original by Glasgow’s Rustie. Deon makes the song more appealing to a DJ, providing a sound that is uplifting in nature. His edit is one of those cloud nine tracks, which you’ll come to understand once you’ve lent your ears to his sonic magic. This comes after his original “Razors” which shares a similar future trap style. He’s managed to win our ears over again, and hopefully he does the same for you. This is one of the best examples of a good “edit” and since this is an edit, it has been released for free.

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