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[Trap] LooKas – Samurai


We’ll be honest when we say you probably won’t find many big room house or festival trap tracks on this blog. Over the years those sounds have just gotten a bit – shall we say – redundant. But with some time, one of a few artists, LooKas, has gained our respect. Though known for his festival trap sound, he somehow always manages to find a loophole in the default festival trap formula. As a result he ends up producing his own unique festival trap formula that can only be identified with his name. LooKas’ latest release, “Samurai,” combines his signature trap style with some big room flavor without overdoing it. The drop has LooKas written all over it as it is structured with a dark, fierce melody, and mind-blowing bass. This one is definitely huge, so peep it and snag the free download!

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