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[House] Steello & Zinity Ft. Sanna – Faith

Steello & Zinity Ft. Sanna

Sweden and Denmark paired up by way of artists Steello and Zinity who put out a single called “Faith” this week. Singer Sanna hopped on the track as well to round out the record with some high quality vocals that are essential to the soulful vibe.

Right off the bat, “Faith” gets your attention, and keeps it. The heavenly piano chords just grip you and don’t let go. Sanna’s voice then takes the lead atop an instrumental that grows and grows throughout the introduction until we are met with the kick drum. With some vocal chopping alongside a variety of other elements, the chorus of the song is powerful, despite it’s lack of lyrics. There are so many little details in this song that you can just keep listening to it over and over and it never gets old. Well, that and because it’s just one damn good song. Every party involved crushed it to make “Faith” one of the most well put together and executed songs we’ve come across recently.

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