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[Future/Nu-Disco] Klaypex – Satellites (feat. Oscar Del Amor)

Satellites (feat. Oscar Del Amor)

The Future is almost here. Coming straight out of Los Angeles is Klaypex with a new single off their aforementioned EP that will be dropping on April 28th. “Satellites” is a funky genre-defying original collaboration with fellow city resident Oscar Del Amor. This radio friendly jam is a solid track for lovers of all sorts of music, ranging from future, funk, nu-disco, indie and even pop. How they managed to create something that is tailored to eclectic tastes like that, we have no idea, but we’re glad they did. Klaypex not only created the song, but also worked on a music video for the track. If “Satellites” has you intrigued, you can pre-order the EP on iTunes, as well as download the single for free.

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