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[Deep House] Mahmut Orhan Feat. Eneli – Save Me

Ultra Music has incredible artists from all over the globe. They mange to find gems like Turkey’s Mahmut Orhan and swoop them up. Mahmut is a bit of a sensation however, garnering a ton of success and love from fans with his previous works and his latest is likely to satisfy as well. “Save Me” featuring Eneli is what we have for you today.

Acoustically influenced electronic music always has a special place in the dojo, especially if it’s house music. “Save Me” is a just that, a bubbling pop-tinged house record whose unique sound sets it apart from the usual rush of tracks. Mahmut’s instrumental is a treasure, but the same can be said for Eneli whose vocal performance is nothing short of spectacular. “Save Me” is currently available on digital services if you would like a copy.

[Post Edit] Now, the music video is here!

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[R&B] AMiR – Save Me

Save Me

“Save Me” is the first of what we hope are many songs from artist AMiR. As I write this the UK musician has less than 25 followers on Soundcloud, but that is sure to rise given time. “Save Me” will sink in and more projects will come. Then there’s no telling where AMiR will be.

R&B with pop or hip-hop has been a staple on the airwaves for a long time now. “Save Me” fits right into that category, but has a sort of unblemished quality to it. Sometimes R&B can feel a bit forced to sound like something, but the vibes that AMiR puts out are all genuine. As a trend, we’ve noticed song lengths starting to wane, so it’s nice to hear something that’s closer to the four minute mark that doesn’t get dull at any moment. AMiR may just be the hot new ticket in town, so don’t miss out.

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