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[Indie Dance] Mar – She’s A Dancer (prod. by Sebastian Carter)

She's A Dancer (prod. by Sebastian Carter)

Mar and Sebastian Carter need to work together more. Now that we’ve got that out of our system, let’s get to their work together on the freely downloadable “She’s A Dancer.” It doesn’t matter if this was released in the 70’s, 90’s or now; it’s a hit no matter what. They went this new wave indie disco direction that just straight up kills. It’ll give you the chills with its alluring melodies in conjunction with quite a seductive vocal performance. “She’s A Dancer” would make for a stunning live show, which we can only hope to come to fruition. Certainly, this baby in a club would be a smash though! Let’s keep this connection between the Netherlands and Switzerland rolling, because the result is grade A+. “She’s A Dancer” is the second single off the forthcoming Mar EP entitled Where We Meet.

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[Deep House] Sebastian Carter – Fascination (feat. Aela Kae)

Sebastian Carter
Fascination (feat. Aela Kae)

Set for release on the Crosswalk compilation album, “Fascination” is a sensual original from the beat maker Sebastian Carter. He decided to go in on a cool house track with Aela Kae, whose vocal work on the song is purely angelic. Although it’s deep, the style is a little shifted from what we usually hear from the young European producer. Needless to say, we’ve been fascinated by this guy before, and with this new one, we are exceptionally so. A dreamy sequence of sounds make up “Fascination,” which is one of those tracks that you can get caught up spending an hour with on repeat, maybe even longer. Sebastian Carter never ceases to amaze, so if you haven’t already jumped onto this train, you better. He’s got a lot of talent, and he’s been making moves for a bit now. It’s only a matter of time before everybody knows Sebastian Carter.

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[Deep House] MNEK – The Rhythm (Sebastian Carter Edition)

The Rhythm (Sebastian Carter Edition)

Before the Ninja crew took me as their own, I was something else, somewhere else. Sebastian Carter was a person that received support on pretty much everything he released. This guy brings some deep fire, and he’s recently brought the world a remix of “The Rhythm.”

MNEK gets a minimal makeover with a strong groove as the basis for the club-centric single. The bassline is a work of art in and of itself, and the playful interplay between the rhythmic structures makes this a song that will get even the most stiff of individuals dancing. Sebastian reached #2 on Hypem with this, but it certainly still has some life left. Heart it, and get yourself a free copy.

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[House] Full Crate x Mar – Nobody Else (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Full Crate x Mar
Nobody Else (Sebastian Carter Remix)

It’s been a few months since we last checked in with Swiss producer Sebastian Carter, and while his busy output has slowed a bit, Carter’s work is no less impeccable than ever. Carter’s latest release finds the 20 year-old taking on Full Crate x Mar‘s “Nobody Else”. A sultry blend of PBR&B with a house backbone, Carter fuses enough of his own sonic vision into the tune as to let listener’s identify that luxuriant dance sound all through the lens of Full Crate x Mar’s original. Muted, melodic bass kicks and synth stabs waltz fluently around each other; resulting in a haunting, catchy, unique and accessible remix; and furthermore, rides a line that only a handful of dance producers would even dare attempt. This one comes as part of Full Crate x Mar’s Nobody Else EP which also comes with remixes from Nymfo and Hotel Garuda; and drops officially on January 11. Until then, get lost in Carter’s hypnotic house stylings above.

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[Chill/Pop-House] Birdy – Skinny Love (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Skinny Love (Sebastian Carter Remix)

At just 20 years of age, Sebastian Carter has shown us time and time again that musicalĀ  maturity should be merited on sound regardless of age or experience. The Swiss electronic producer’s music tends to carry an emotive weight and groove which would sail directly over some of his contemporary listeners’ collective heads; casting a stunning amount of crossover promise on the young artist’s career in the process. Already with stirring retouches of The 1975, Bad Suns, and Alt J along with a few addictive originals; today Carter’s taken Birdy’s cover of the Bon Iver staple “Skinny Love” and spun a tranquil web of house all over its pop leaning framework. With rising pads serving as a slow-burning build and simultaneous mood setting device, his airy synths are free to bubble their way to the surface while Birdy’s ethereal vocal stylings submerged in hazy reverb play as beautiful as ever amongst the wunderkind’s polished instrumentation. Sebastian Carter has certainly hit the mark again with this one, and we hope you’ll drift away with us for the four minute, alluring sonic expedition.

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[Chill/House] Bad Suns – We Move Like The Ocean (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Bad Suns
We Move Like The Ocean (Sebastian Carter Remix)

It’s so wonderful when two of our favorite acts from opposite ends of the musical spectrum come crashing together. So when 20 year old TMN favorite Sebastian Carter was tabbed to remix Bad Suns‘ latest single “We Move Like The Ocean”, it seemed like it was crafted specifically for us. Carter, who last graced our hallowed pages with a remix of The 1975’s “You“, tools with a simple but gorgeous piano chord progression that paints a buoyant feel on top of Bad Suns’ original track, and work even more gracefully with lead vocalist Christo Bowman’s authoritative incantations. Sebastian Carter has quickly become one of our favorite young dance producers, and we haven’t once been let down by his sultry brand of chilled-out house. Once again, this one is being gifted to us as a free download, so grab it here, slink back in your office chair or your couch at home and have a listen above.

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[Chill/House] The 1975 – You (Sebastian Carter Edition)

The 1975
You (Sebastian Carter Edition)

It really is one of our happiest sights when two artists whom we both deeply admire come together beautifully through a collaboration, edit or remix. Honestly it’s like a match made in blogosphere heaven. Which is exactly how Sebastian Carter’s (whose name by now our readers should be familiar with) remix of The 1975‘s “You” plays to us. While we can only loosely tag Carter’s textured electronic compositions as house based on their structural backbone of a four-four kick and melodious, typically soulful vocals; every other blip, sequence and arpeggio are uniquely his own. Here, Carter takes the slick indie rock and pop of Manchester based quartet The 1975 and slightly contorts their sound within his expansive musical frame of mind to fit perfectly together. The droning, reverb soaked guitar pushes this version off the ground softly before a simple four-chord progression sweeps across; bolstered by a spacy synth and muted kick-drum. Again, Sebastian Carter reveals another layer of production psyche and a musical maturity lightyears beyond his 19 years would suggest all in the span of 5 minutes. Not to mention it can be snagged as a free download so go ahead and have a track on us. And those boys from The 1975 sure are dreamy…

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