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[Future/Glitch] Virtu – Blunt Force

Blunt Force

Sexy Electric is one of those labels too many people are sleeping on. They recently released a free single from Virtu who has been breaking into the scene from his home base in Los Angeles. Although he’s only released a few tracks, he’s already become one of the hottest new producers. His last record was a heavier midtempo track, but with “Blunt Force” he smooths out the sound for a more future type sound slightly reminiscent of Illenium. Virtu delivers a beautiful record that would have been the perfect Summer track, but now it’s going to keep our spirits up in with the colder weather. “Blunt Force” is on the slower side, but it still has groove and dance appeal to be used in any atmosphere. Look out for Virtu’s upcoming Diligence EP, which this single will be a part of.

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[Album Review] Kill Paris – Galaxies Between Us

One of the main men behind the future funk scene, Kill Paris, finally released his debut album on April 14th, 2015. Galaxies Between Us offers up ten tracks released completely for free through his own label, Sexy Electric, which is home to free music exclusively.

Galaxies Between Us is a cosmic adventure through time and space that is comprised solely of good vibes. Even with the one colder song “You Don’t Love Me No More,” Corey manages to convey a certain level of alacrity in it. From the start with the bubbly “Arrival” until the end with the mellowed out “Tropical Dinosaur” you are embraced by an atmosphere of smooth, groovy goodness. Favorites include the introductory track, the second track on the album “Gonna Get High” and the collaboration with the firey future producer Royal, who’s released an official remix for Tegan and Sara.

Kill Paris has already made his mark on the scene, and with this album he further solidifies himself as a leading producer in the game. Identity is not something that is easily established and continuously molded, but Kill Paris manages to keep up the harvesting of some of the freshest tunes around that keep in line with his musical vision. No matter what flavors he uses, you know when you have a Kill Paris tune on your hands.

Like we mentioned before, Galaxies Between Us has been released for free, so all you need to do is head to his website for a copy. Moreover, if you enjoy the album, spread it around to your friends and loved ones!

’Gonna Get High’
’Summer Daze’
’Operate ft Royal’
’Space Forest’
’What I’m Feelin”
’Blame It All On Your Ways ft Marty Rod’
’You Don’t Love Me No More’
’Tropical Dinosaur’
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