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[Electronic/R&B] Midas Hutch – Get Mine Feat. Shakka

Midas Hutch
Get Mine Ft. Shakka

If you need a jam to get through the week, then Midas Hutch‘s latest single is what you’re desiring. “Get Mine” featuring Shakka is full of vibes that you’re going to be enjoying all Summer long, as the song’s shelf life is no short matter.

Midas Hutch describes his sound as “music to speed down the highway to, late at night together with your main squeeze,” which is 100% correct. “Get Mine” has influences from several genres, making it a dynamic song that is both incredible and accessible to a wide variety of listeners. From beginning to end you feel like something extraordinary is shining upon you. Midas put together a fun production that lays the perfect landscape for Shakka to come in and bless with his vocal. Stream the single today, and if you haven’t familiarized yourself with Midas Hutch’s catalog, we suggest you rummage through his Soundcloud page. You won’t regret it.

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