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[Mashup] Seven Lions – Rush Over Me vs Shatterpoint

It’s been a long time since a super solid mashup has come through, but now Seven Lions has brought something you need. Not only do you need to listen, but you need to download, as this song has been released for free.

“Rush Over Me” with Illenium, Said The Sky and HALIENE got put together with Trivecta’s single “Shatterpoint” for a truly magnificent mashup. It feels as though these tracks were meant to be together, they just fit so well in this fashion. You’ll surely be hearing this one get played out by more than just Seven Lions since 1. It’s tremendous and 2. It’s freely available. DJs of all sorts will be all over this and so will your friends. Grab it before they do.

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[Future Bass] Trivecta – Shatterpoint


When you think Florida, you think clubby house music, but that’s not the case for Tampa’s Trivecta. The producer’s new single “Shatterpoint” was released this week through AIA. Although the single fits into the future bass style, it doesn’t exclusively limit itself to that sound.

Trivecta has always had a taste for different types of music, producing everything from dubstep to glitch hop and house. Now, he adds future to that list with “Shatterpoint.” With it he blurs the lines between future and melodic dubstep, and we even get a bit of a hybrid trap break in the middle of the tune. It’s nice to hear someone put their own take on numerous styles, especially if they are all contained within one superb song. Grab “Shatterpoint” today through the digital service of your choice.

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